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Please check out our new PUBLISHING GLOSSARY!

If you’re observant and have been reading our little blog for a while, you may have noticed we only had one page, other than the home page with the posts themselves: our About page. Well, today that changes! I’m pleased to announce our newly published Publishing Glossary and invite you to review it! It would probably be better titled Publishing and Printing Glossary, but that’s a mouthful, so I opted for the shorter, if less complete, version.

My reasons for compiling this glossary are twofold. Of course, we always want to include content that will boost our SEO rankings – hey, we’re the original SBMs* and we want people to read this blog as much as you want folks to read yours! Secondly, and perhaps the more important reason, is that many self-publishing authors are brand new to the whole publishing world, and everything is a bit unfamiliar to them. This is a VERY comprehensive glossary containing many words you will likely never need to know. But it also includes very important words that you will need to understand if you are to successfully self-publish your book.

Some of the most important terms my clients have not known before they got started include:

BACK and FRONT MATTER: The pages that appear before the main body of a book’s text and the sections following the text. These include such things as the dedication, acknowledgements, table of contents, endnotes, index, bibliography, author biography, and appendix.

TRIM SIZE: The finishued size of the printed material.

TRIM MARKS: Register marks indicating where to cut or trim the pages.

BLEED: Printing that extends beyond the trim marks on a sheet or page; pictures “bleed” if they reach to the edge of the page; this technique often is employed intentionally.

PERFECT BIND: To bind sheets that have been ground at the spine and are held to the cover by glue; common technique used for binding paperback books.

Crop marks

We tried to include useful images where they seemed important or necessary. If there’s a term for which you believe we should have an image but don’t, please give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do about correcting things!

Of course, this blog is really about marketing, so keep a lookout for the forthcoming list of Marketing Terms as well as a general list of Grammar Terms! In the meantime, please enjoy the publishing and printing terms. And if you feel we’re missing a term, please let us know in the comments section on the Publishing Glossary page!

Happy reviewing!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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