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Celebrate the 68th International PRINTING WEEK with your favorite printer or graphic designer!

Although books are going the way of CD and albums before them, publishing wouldn’t be where it is today without the advent of printing. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the 68th annual celebration of International Printing Week. The Graphic Professionals Resource Network (IAPHC – don’t ask me how the acronym matches up) explains the origins of the week:

In the summer of 1944, while the uncertain winds of war still raged, a printer from New Jersey proposed that the IAPHC, The Graphic Professionals Resource Network, christen a weeklong celebration of the craft and art and science of graphic expression. International Printing Week, born in the crucible of wartime, has flourished in the intervening decades as a celebration of the wonderful manner in which we global graphic professionals are able to assist our valued clients in embracing the truth that: Print is a Powerful Partner in the Media Mixology.

International Printing Week® is a registered trademark of the IAPHC, and all organizations interested in promoting the importance of the printed word in our lives are welcome to take part in this annual event, which is the 67th consecutive celebration of International Printing Week®.

International Printing Week kicks off each year the week of January 17, Ben Franklin’s birthday. You may know that before he was a statesman and inventor, Franklin became one of America’s first millionaires at the age of 46 as a result of his printing business. According to Alaska Litho: “Franklin explored many interests, from philosopher to scientist, advertiser to founding father. At the age of 12 he became a printing apprentice, and by 17 he was a master printer. He later opened his own printing office and began publishing. Eager to share news with everyone, even those who couldn’t read, Franklin brought creative ideas to printing such as printing cartoons and illustrating news stories.”

Though Cal-Poly and the city of Shanghai seem to have the most events planned to celebrate International Printing Week, why not take this opportunity to express some gratitude to a printer or graphic designer you know and send them a card or note (printed) or even an e-card. They’ll almost certainly be surprised and cherish the sentiment.

Happy printing…



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