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A case for author networking — INFOGRAPHIC

Back in May, before the Author Blog Challenge got underway, I did a post about infographics and declared my intention to explore this popular new communication tool. I finally had some time and decided to apply the infographics technique to our ongoing conversation about the benefits of networking to authors.

Is it the  best infographic ever created? Probably not. Is it a solid first attempt? I’d say so.

I used a program called infogr.am for the formatting, but relied primarily on Photoshop to create the individual components of the infographic. Also downloaded a new toy called Inkscape, which I played with briefly but did not use for the creation of this image. It’s a free graphics program that looks like it will be a nice ancillary tool to use in concert with Photoshop.

Here’s the thing. I’ve never been trained in graphic design. A friend upgraded and gave me his old, outdated copy of Photoshop eight or nine years ago, and I taught myself, a little at a time. Here’s a hint: LAYERS are one of the most crucial elements to understand when you’re starting off. I play with graphics because I enjoy it. It’s a nice creative outlet that is often useful in my work.

If you want to try your hand at an infographic — or any kind of graphics, for that matter — a free tool like Inkscape can help. If you want to use infographics or need help with your book cover design and have no interest in (learning to) doing it yourself, there are tons of hungry graphic artists out there who are eager to work with you. Visit elance.com or guru.com to interview experts of all skill levels and fee ranges.

OK. Break’s over. Next up, we’ll be talking about how to decide whom you want to meet at your next networking event.



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