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Proper eCommerce is essential to the success of your author website

OK. You’ve found a Web designer you trust. You’ve got stellar copy and great SEO in place on your author website. You’ve got every duck, flamingo, and penguin lined up and everything looks good to go. So how’s your site set for eCommerce? Right – the part of the site that actually allows you to sell books and accept payments. This part needs to be done well, or the rest of your work could all be for nothing. A proper eCommerce component is essential to your success.

Things to consider when developing your author site’s eCommerce structure:

CAPACITY. Internet marketing expert Tracy Repchuk is just one of many I have heard who insist on PayPal as one necessary method of payment, if only because it is so well known. Not everyone is enamored with the online payment giant, but it does get the shopping cart job done, for the most part. While PayPal attempts to be all things to all online retailers, the service is limited. If you will be offering multiple products, subscription services, or other complicated pricing options, you might want to go with a more established merchant account service.

SECURITY. You’ve no doubt heard about the little problem with ID theft in our country. Internet fraud is a related problem. No one wants to get scammed or lose money making a purchase online. So one of your main concerns as an online retailer is working out the security aspects of your site. Retail-Revival.com offers an EXCELLENT eBook about creating an eCommerce site, with very good information about security, among other things.

CONVERSION. Volumes have been written on the subject of converting Web visitors into buyers. One of the longest running and most informative sites on this topic is grokdotcom.com. You’re an SBM*, so I trust you to be able to do your research and get the necessary information/help around this.

I realize that a lot of this stuff is quite technical in nature – and yet another reason you may want to turn your site design and construction over to a pro. But if you want to sell books and other products, it’s essential. Don’t panic or get scared, just get informed and get the right people in place. You can do it. Your book sales – and your readers – are depending on you.

Happy selling!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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