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Growing number of mobile users MUST factor into your web design

Once upon a time, a 20-pound laptop was considered a mobile device. Twenty years ago, only a handful of people had email addresses; today, not having one is like not having a phone number. Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Today, what’s one of the first things you do when you meet someone new? Not only do we live in the digital age, but we find ourselves in a world where mobile connection is becoming less a luxury and more a necessity. What do the following have in common?

  • Meeting people at the airline gate
  • Giving a client directions to your office
  • Wondering if today’s special at your favorite restaurant is any good
  • Standing in line at the movie theatre
  • Carrying around a keyring full of stores’ discount cards

These are all behaviors that have gone by the wayside – or are disappearing – due to mobile connectivity.

What’s all this got to do with book marketing – and specifically your website? Everything, in that designing your website to accommodate mobile devices is yet one more important ingredient for success.

Consider the following:

Now think about your own frustration in navigating around sites on your smartphone or Kindle Fire. As more and more of our online behavior moves to mobile devices, our web design must shift with it. And if you’re really an SBM*, you will pay specific attention to which device your audience is using to connect.

Next time, we’ll get into some of the specific considerations that factor into designing a website (or formatting an eBook) for a mobile device. For today, just soak in the numbers. And begin to laser-focus on content and design concepts that will work for a smaller device tailored to an audience on the move.

Happy connecting!


*Savvy Book Marketer


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