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Use a naming workshop to find the title of your next book

Are you having trouble coming up with the perfect title for your next book? Maybe it’s time to leverage the Power of the Group!

group smart

I just began a blog series for a group blog written by authors from the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup. The goal of the blog is to give exposure to members of our group by encouraging regular blogs at monthly intervals. No one has to write more than one post per month, yet we all share in the marketing and resulting attention to the blog and our books. I decided that rather than write on random topics for my monthly contributions, I would work around a singular topic: The Power of the Group.

Our Meetup is proof that the group works, and I invite you to read that blog and the posts to come on this topic.

I came across an excellent post this morning from MarketingProfs, one of the best online marketing resources I know of. The post is titled “10 Steps to a Successful Naming Workshop,” and my immediate first thought was how useful this might be when it came to helping authors find great book titles.

I highly encourage you to read the whole post, but here are the 10 steps, without any explanation:

1. Get Everyone Together in a Room

2. Start With a Brain  Dump

3. The Free-Association Exercise

4. The Scrabble Exercise

5. The Blockbuster Exercise

6. The Thesaurus Exercise

7. The Role-Play Exercise

8. Taste It, Touch It, Smell It

9. Quick Pick-Me-Up

10. Put a Shortlist Together

Why would it be advantageous to get a group together to help you name your book? Here are several reasons I can think of, off the top of my head:
  • It will take the pressure off you.
  • The group dynamic brings out more ideas than you could come up with on your own.
  • It’s the opportunity to bring together diverse thinkers – not just your typical readers or people from your industry.
  • It’s a great way to help build buzz. Who wouldn’t want to spread the word about a book they had a hand in titling?
  • You can offer participation as a perk for your crowdfunding campaign.
There is vast power inside a well-formed group. As Seth Godin puts it:
A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.
― Seth Godin, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Please let us know in the comments section if you’ve seen the group dynamic work to help you achieve success with your book!

Here’s to a the power of the group!



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Today’s  marketing is ANYTHING but a linear process

Not all that long ago, it was virtually a given when studying marketing to learn about the sales funnel the top-down model of building a customer base.

Social media has largely changed that. A fantastic article from Marketing Profs details this shift and the emerging winding road that is now the “client cycle.” Whereas metrics knowing WHERE your clients and customers are coming from are still important, the methods for tracking them has changed in response to the new marketing. According to Marketing Profs:

Whether they’re interested in a new pair of shoes or a new virtual private network, future customers can first engage with a potential purchase in many ways. That engagement could be via a billboard with a URL that they type into their smartphone’s mobile browser, or a click on a Facebook wall post from a friend’s feed, or a search on Google.

* * *

The best marketers can hope to do in such an environment is to manage the process so that even though all roads may not lead to Rome, eventually all roads lead to, and through, digital “toll booths” of content and information exchange.
What this means is there’s no right way or wrong way to begin a book marketing campaign, and there is no correct point of entry. That being said, you have to start somewhere. Do your research to determine where YOUR readers are most likely to come from. I still believe a blog is one of the fastest ways with the best return when it comes to staking a claim for your market, but you must determine the right way for you.
Once you understand that marketing is not a linear process, you can embrace the holistic approach necessary to create your various on- and offline “toll booths.”
The takeaways from this message are important:
  • We are inundated with thousands of marketing messages every day.
  • People are taking diverse paths to find the market for the goods [books] they consume.
  • You are missing the boat if you are not using a diverse strategy to reach them.
  • Your diverse strategy must include BOTH on- and offline components.
  • A deep understanding of relationship marketing is utterly essential.
  • Relationship marketing means the focus is on the prospective buyer, not the campaign.
  • You are not your buyer, even though you wrote the book they will wind up buying.
  • We need new tools to measure the new marketing.

As Marcie said early on, the most important thing is that you get started!

Happy marketing…



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


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