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January 16 Book Marketing Tip: Use GoodReads AND LibraryThing to give away free books!

I love generous bloggers, and there are some mighty giving people out there. This post is a follow-up to yesterday’s – about the power of giving away your book to build your platform, brand, and readership. Today, I’m excerpting two blogs from authors who’ve successfully used GoodReads and LibraryThing to offer free giveaways. These ladies describe in detail how to create a successful giveaway on each of these platforms, so please be sure to follow the links and read their complete posts.


First, Emlyn Chand writes for Novel Publicity & Co. a post titled “How to run a GoodReads giveaway with maximal results: 11 tips we know you’ll need.”

I’m going to give you the shorthand version of Emlyn’s 11 tips – but again, be sure to go read the whole post. She offers links to posts explaining about how to create your GoodReads Author Profile, which you must do before you offer a giveaway. She then describes her own research and provides a detailed spreadsheet comparing the results on her various giveaway days. She also offers a link to her giveaway description for you to model.

1. You only need to offer one copy.

2. Let readers know you’ll be providing an autographed copy.

3. End your giveaway on a non-popular date.

4. More countries = more exposure.

5. Make your giveaway description compelling.

6. Reach out to winners.

7. Send books promptly.

8. Pulse your giveaway lengths.

9. Schedule your giveaways to start in the future.

10. Book covers count. Back cover copy counts. Ahem – I feel vindicated for my book cover posts already. 🙂

11. How to become a “Popular Author.”


Next up, Shelley Hitz writes for The Future of Ink a post titled “How to Conduct a LibraryThing eBook Giveaway.”

She describes the criteria for offering a giveaway via LibraryThing and explains how to become a LibraryThing author. Next she details how to conduct a LibraryThing giveaway, offering these tips about writing your description:

In my giveaway description I made sure to let readers know these  three things:

  1. How the eBook would be delivered
  2. The type of book I was offering so I could attract my target audience
  3. That I was conducting the giveaway in order to get more reviews  online

Like Emlyn, Shelley provides a copy of her description for you to model. She finishes up by revealing her results. Please be sure to go read the complete post to get the most from her knowledge.

Do you have success stories or lessons to share about GoodReads and/or LibraryThing giveaways? Please share them in a private message or in the comment section below!

Here’s to more freebies!



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