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What’s the NEXT step in your book-marketing campaign?

So you’ve been at your book marketing campaign for a while now. What’s next? This is the very question recently posed to book marketer extraordinaire, Jonathan Kremer. His answer no doubt left the question-asker – and me – a bit wanting. Granted, the question was not as well-formed as it might have been. Nevertheless, besides taking the opportunity to promote his fantastic book, 1,001 Ways to Market Your Books*, Kremer might also have given the guy a little more guidance, if only to say, “It depends on the following…”

Back in the early days of Marcie’s blog, we recommended that you begin with one marketing strategy, and then build on it. So the first question I would ask is: What have you done so far?

Remember, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to market your book. There is only the BEST way for you and your book. Marketing is no longer a linear process. Each reader can come to you from one of  many channels, and every stop on your marketing plan should feed all the others.

Questions to help determine YOUR next step

  • Who is your audience?
  • Where and how do they buy books?
  • How long ago was your book released?
  • How big is your platform?
  • Are you blogging?
  • How big are your social media followings?
  • How much have you done with video?
  • Is a physical book tour a realistic option for you?
  • Is a virtual book tour a better option?
  • How many media releases have you distributed?
  • How many media appearances have you had?
  • How many articles have you written?
  • How well-stocked is your media room?
  • How is your website’s SEO?

The list certainly could be longer, but you get the idea. What have you done already, and what makes sense as YOUR next step?

The one thing that every author who wants to boost sales must do is HAVE A PLAN. Winging it is a lot like taking these torn bits of paper and trying to hit your target with them: they’re sure to scatter everywhere. But ball up that single sheet of paper and focus it – you’re much more likely to hit your mark. Remember…

What gets measured gets done.

Happy prioritizing!


*I strongly recommend this book. Attempting to formulate a book-marketing campaign without it is like trying to bake a cake from scratch without a recipe.


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