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Giant excitement here at the Marcie Brock blog. Today, we’re proud to share with you our very first GUEST POST! Woo-hoo!! That means our 9th category goes into effect today. Please read up, and take some wisdom from Gwen Tanner, as she has excellent advice about a way to further monetize the content of your book. Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Repurpose the Content of Your Book to Create Online Courses

by Gwen Tanner

As an author, you have a great advantage when it comes to passive income opportunities: You have knowledge that others want! This puts you in an excellent position to profit from your knowledge by sharing and teaching others the skills you have.

Let’s talk about people for a moment.

  1. People always NEED to learn something: they are starting a family; they’re in the market for a new home; they need to plan for retirement.
  2. People always WANT to learn something: they would love to start crocheting; they desire to get in better shape; they dream of becoming rich.

The problem is that most people don’t have the time or money to take a formal course to learn these things.

This is where you, as an experienced author, can jump in. You can create online courses (or ecourses) to fulfill these needs using the knowledge you already have. You probably don’t even have to do much more work than you already did when you wrote your book. The content is the same – you just put it into the form of a “course.” This may mean creating exercises or adding some “how-to” steps, but it’s essentially recycling the same material.

The benefit to you as an author is that an online course will typically have a higher perceived value than a physical book or an ebook. I’d say the sky is the limit when pricing an ecourse, because you’re taking on a little more responsibility than you would with a book. And with that responsibility, you’re branding yourself as an expert who can get your readers (i.e., students) from point A to point B in a logical way.  That’s the beauty of selling online courses.

The sites listed below allow you to create and sell your very own online courses. All you do is upload your courses once and sell them over and over again, receiving payment directly into your PayPal account.

UDEMY (Free). Decide on your topic then upload your course content. Then set the price for your course and receive 70 percent of the revenue.

ODIJOO (Free). Create your original online course and sell seats to access it. You will keep 90% of the course enrollment fee. You can even create your own “campus,” which can become your online business. You can also sell your content to other instructors who can use it in their classes.

LITMOS (Monthly Fee). With this service, you can use your own domain name and brand your landing page. You receive 100 percent of your course fee directly into your PayPal account. The monthly fees for Litmos increase once you get more students, but the thinking is that if you have more students, you will be able to cover the costs.

Gwen Tanner provides guidance, tips, how-tos, and more on creating quality information products that stand out from the rest. Visit her blog for the inspiration and motivation to complete your next product.


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