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January 27 Book Marketing Tip: Get your “ask” in gear!

My friend Connie Kadansky is an international coach and sales trainer – and this is her tagline: “Get your ask in gear!” Connie specializes in helping salespeople overcome their fear of prospecting and self-promotion. Mostly, that means getting out of your own way and recognizing your value and the value of what you’re selling. In the case of most of this blog’s readers, that would mean your book!

Well, this weekend I heard a story that perfectly bears out the rewards of honoring and living by Connie’s tagline.

My husband’s grandmother, Mary, is 90 years old, but she’s still vibrant and spry. Every Christmas, John gets her tickets to a concert beachor show. Engelbert Humperdinck is her absolute favorite (they’ve seen him together 5 times!), but tickets to his show weren’t on sale yet at the holidays, so instead John got her tickets to see Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix. This is a quartet comprised of Van Dyke and three youngish guys.

As John retold the story, one of the guys – Mike – saw Van Dyke at a Starbucks in Malibu. Rather than being starstruck, he approached the talented veteran and complimented his lengthy and esteemed career. The two got to talking and it turned out that Mike was also a vocalist. One thing led to another, and the group now performs at benefits and children’s events, and has just released a children’s album.

This never would have happened if (a) Mike had not had the nerve to ask the obvious question, “Hey, you’re Dick Van Dyke, aren’t you?” and (b) Van Dyke had not been receptive to the conversation.

It would be folly to suggest that everyone you ask will say yes – or be receptive to your advance or suggestion. But can you tell from looking at someone whether they’ll say yes or no? Of course not! That’s why you have to ask. And ask. And ask.

Ask people to write blurbs for your books.

Ask venues to host your book signings.

Ask people to help with your Kickstarter campaign.

Ask for speaking engagements.

Ask and ask and ask.

Here’s to getting YOUR ask in gear!



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