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December 30 Book Marketing Tip: Share your cover!

I came across this last night on a random (to me) book blog. Thanks to ME Patterson for this great idea!

Ever think about the fact that retailers use consumers as advertisers every day? When you carry that TJ Maxx sack around or reuse a your pic hereChipotle bag for your lunch, you are advertising those brands. Same with t-shirts that bear logos like Nike and Aéropostale. Also true for a John Deere cap or One Direction backpack.

So why not do something similar by giving your fans a chance to keep you nearby? Make a desktop wallpaper version of your book cover and offer free downloads! Do this before your book is released to generate pre-launch interest. Do it for a currently published book to remind your fans about you.

For that matter, if it dovetails with your subject/theme and you have the budget, you might want to opt for a promo product like a beach towel or keyring.

What are your marketing plans for 2014? Share your best ideas in the comments section and we’ll put together a post with all of them!

Happy promoting!



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