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Ideas for October Book Promotions

October days

As you may be well aware, I’ve been working on a novel for a while now. We’re closing in on the finish – I can see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, in that I’ve hired an editor who has already looked over my manuscript. He’s given me a quote, and I’ve given him a guarantee to have the final version to him by Thanksgiving. That’s progress! #StanTravels

In addition, I’ve hired a coach to help me create and conduct a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for said editing (good editing is expensive, but worth every penny!) and printing/distribution of the book. The crowdfunding campaign will launch in January. To that end, I’ve embarked on a social media blitz to grow my list, as it pertains to people interested in Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World. That means posting every day across multiple platforms, as well as a coordinated video effort which will have me reading the entire story, out loud, on video. I’ll let you know when I’ve that series launches. “Say CHEESE!”

So I’ve been looking around for fun things to post and it occurred to me that there might be some cool holidays that relate to the multiple themes of Stan’s trip around the world. Brownielocks.com did not disappoint! There are many, many days celebrating topics or themes from the novel. Read the post I wrote about those specific holidays here.

If you’re needing fodder for your own blog feed or social media pages, the following are just a sampling of the various “holidays” in October.

October calendar

Just based on this small smattering of holidays, there are many things you can do, regardless of your genre. For Frugal Is Fun Day, come up with a super-cool, super-cheap marketing idea. Invite a handful or your tribe out for beer or wine at your favorite pub/wine bar and do an impromptu reading the week of the 8th. It would no doubt be unorthodox, but have a party at the cemetery on the 29th – especially if your book has a spooky theme! If you have a publicist, create a special thank-you for them on the 30th.

But perhaps none of these resonate with you. As I posted on Stan’s blog the other day, you might want to create your own holiday. First, check to make sure it doesn’t already exist – there are the craziest days you’ve ever heard of on the Brownielocks.com. If “Left-Handed Golfers Who Wear Hats Day” isn’t on the list, but that’s your book’s audience, you might just want to create such a day. Start by doing a search for “how to create your own holiday.” This will yield many a story, tip-sheet, and blog post on the subject.

So which holiday – whether it’s in October or any other time of the year – is the perfect one to acknowledge when it comes to generating buzz for YOUR book?

And, by the way…

“Who’s there?”
“Cows go.”
“Cows go who?”

cows go moo



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PubSlush: A crowdfunding option specifically for literary projects

Let me make a disclaimer that I haven’t used this platform (although I am thinking about it) and this is not a paid testimonial.

If you’re thinking about crowdfunding as an author, PubSlush.com seems to be a good program to consider. Begun by mother-daughter team Hellen and Amanda L Barbara, in 2011, PubSlush was originally a winnowing tool to help the company decide which books to publish. Authors would post their book excerpts and summaries onto Pubslush, and if they received enough support from readers, Pubslush would publish their books.

Today, however, the platform works more like typical crowdfunding sites, giving authors the chance to both gauge the viability of their work (with no exclusive contract to publish with Pubslush) and raise money to use any way they see fit. As Jordan Crook of TechCrunch writes, “Of course, Pubslush can still cherry pick authors from the platform that have garnered a lot of interest, but authors still have the right to publish elsewhere.”


Project Types

All things literary: books, magazines, screenplays, apps, educational and philanthropic projects.

Sort by Genre


Chick Lit







Education & Training

FantasyFictionGraphic Novel


Historical Fiction




Literary Fiction




Parenting & Family








Science FictionScreenplaySelf Help






Young Adult


Sort by Book Status

  • Working Draft
  • Completed Manuscript

Sort by Length

  • < 50 Pages
  • 50 – 100 Pages
  • 100 – 250 Pages
  • 250 – 500 Pages


Projects funded since relaunch as crowdfunding site: 66

Range of amounts raised: $344 to $33,085

Fiction books launched: 13

Range raised for fiction books: $585 to $3,671

Best funded fiction book: Elevator Girl, by Kim Hruba from Warroad, Minnesota

Nonfiction books launched: 53

Range raised for nonfiction books: $344 to $33,085

Best funded nonfiction book: The Legacy Life, How to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate to Increase Sales, by Brian O’Neil from Chicago

Successful campaigns of $10K or more: 6

Range for greatest number of successful campaigns (21): $1,000 to $1,725


  • PubSlulsh takes a fee of 4 percent of successful funding campaigns.
  • Like the more general crowdfunding platform, indiegogo, PubSlush distributes a percentage of the money you raise, even if you don’t fully fund your project.
  • PubSlush links successfully funded book pages to PubSlush’s Amazon sales page.
  • Reader pages allow readers to champion authors they like; include social media links for easy sharing; enable chat with other members on a wall very similar to Facebook.
  • Ambassador Program encourages professionals with an affinity for the publishing industry to promote PubSlush and specific authors.
  • Partners Program allows a publishing company or business with an interest to white label the PubSlush program and market it as their own.

Like I said, I’m not endorsing PubSlush (yet). I’m just suggesting it may be an avenue you want to explore.

Here’s to financing your writing project!



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below."Practical Philanthropy" book cover


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