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Phoenix Book Consultant Issues 5 Contests to Spur Interest in Banned Books Week 2011


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Phoenix, Ariz., 22 September 2011 Remember those book reports from grade school? They’re finally going to come in handy, as the first of 5 contests sponsored by Write | Market | Design to commemorate Banned Books Week 2011 (Sept. 24-Oct. 1) is the review of a book by an author who was recently banned/challenged in the U.S.

“Every year I see the articles about Banned Books Week and shake my head at some of the reasons given in defense of censorship. This year, I decided to do something about it!” says book consultant and Write | Market | Design founder, Laura Orsini. “I was taken with the concept of the word FREADOM on one of the Banned Books Week websites, and thought contests would be a good way to raise awareness that we still ban – and BURN – books in the United States of America in the 21st century,” Orsini continues.

The 5 contests will start each consecutive day, Monday through Friday, of Banned Books Week. They include:

  • Contest #1: Write a review of your favorite book by an author from a list of banned authors.
  • Contest #2: Make a picture, poster, or other graphic representation of a book by an author from a list of banned authors.
  • Contest #3: Create a short video of yourself doing a mock interview with any author from a list of banned authors. Ask them to respond to the news that their book has been banned.
  • Contest #4: Have someone take a photo of you reading a book by an author from a list of banned authors in a public location while you hold a sign that says, “A book by this author was banned in __[year]__.
  • Contest #5: In 500 words or less, explain what “FREADOM” means to you, and why you oppose censorship.

Full rules and instructions for participating in these contests can be found at BannedBooksWeekContest.com. All winning entries will be posted on the site. Winners of the daily contests will receive an attractive t-shirt; the Grand Prize winner, chosen from the 5 daily winners, will receive a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate.



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