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A book is a BUSINESS.

If you're serious about selling books, you've got to think of your book as a business.(Please click on image to enlarge.)

Well, we’re just underway, and after only two posts, we’re already approaching 300 hits to our little blog … so it seems we’re onto a topic of interest to many of you!

Here’s the thing – once you have made the decision to write a book you intend to SELL, you must make the mental shift to treating your book as a business unto itself. Altering your paradigm in this way will allow you to begin creating the space to pursue the publication and marketing of your book as diligently as you would a business – with a strategy, budget, marketing plan, metrics, deadlines, etc. – rather than as a hobby, where you work on it here and there … and perhaps … one day … finish it. This is true whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction.

You may already have a full-time job, or other projects that consume many of your waking hours. Nevertheless, if you are strategic and determined, you will make time, if necessary, to focus on your book so that you can treat it as a business. Watch for future posts where we talk about scheduling time and creating a marketing strategy!


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