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Smart authors will take the advice of this wise kiddo

The best thing to happen for me as a result of facilitating the 12 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Contest is that I’ve gotten active on Twitter again! For one thing, I’ve added nearly 50 followers in the past 9 days, due to lots of activity and re-tweeting, but I’ve also made a commitment to having a more visible presence of my own, featuring my own content and not simply sharing the content of others.



Some of the tweets I’m reading are inspirational; some are humorous; some are both. Take this one, for instance:

sarah hodson

Initially, I took “overheard upstairs” to mean listening in on the kids. The banner image might indicate as much, but on reading a batch of Sarah’s other tweets, upstairs could mean UPstairs, you know…

Nevertheless, the observation is perceptive, precious, and paramount to the success of any author.

You can sit on the acorn and wait for it to hatch the white knight who will come in and save you: the oak treeagent who offers to rep your book, the publisher who’ll put a top-dollar contract in front of you, the marketing magician who is going to propel you to overnight success. Or you can get out your ladder — your blog, your videos, your news releases, your book signings, your social media plan — and climb the success oak yourself.

The new year’s around the corner. You gonna climb the tree or wait for a new one to grow under you?

Here’s to breaking out the ladder!



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