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Are you planning for SUCCESS, or planning to FAIL?

It’s been a while, but I’ve written a number of posts in the past about mindset — the reason being that it’s an immeasurably difficult uphill battle to succeed without a positive one.

Here’s a tiny case in point:

I am a member of the Facebook group, “The Writer’s Tools.” Mondays in the group are Marketing Mondays, and members are encouraged to share marketing ideas, links, blogs, and articles. So I shared a great idea I heard recently from a fantastic new business connection:

If you’re giving a presentation to a smaller group, you’ll increase your sales by as much as 40% if you put a book on every seat BEFORE the talk begins. People have a chance to look at the book. You mention a passage from a particular page during your talk. And then at the end, you say, “If you want to purchase the copy you’re holding, just pay So-and-So at the back of the room. If you don’t want it, just leave it on the chair when you go.” Sure … you may lose one or two that walk out the door – but you’d probably give those away anyway. And you’ll more than make up for it in increased sales. Idea courtesy of Jason Nast.

Here are the two responses so far:

ED: Great idea Laura. I would have to hold myself in check and not go all Oprah… “And YOU get a book, and YOU!” But if I could contain myself this would probably work brilliantly.


DANIEL: Let’s say you paid out of pocket for 100 copies of your book for such an event and everyone left afterwards without buying a copy, what would you do with those books? Give them away for free, donate or something else.

It’s pretty obvious, isn’t it, which of these authors is planning to succeed, and which is planning to fail? Please, please, please don’t let yourself be in the “planning to fail” category. So what if you haven’t sold a book yet and you’ve been at it for a year? Who cares if you’re the only one who seems to believe in your dream so far? Get out of the mindset that is prompting you to self-sabotage and look for reasons to fail!

Instead, try one or more of these ideas:

  • Write affirmations about your success — first person and in present tense. Readers are flocking to buy my book, as opposed to Readers will flock to buy my book.
  • Paste those affirmations all over your house, your car, your computer, your cell phone and repeat them to yourself continuously.
  • Cut out photos that inspire you and create a vision board that denote success to you: a person signing books, books on a shelf at a bookstore, a large number in your checking account, goal destinations for public speaking events.
  • Watch movies, read books, visit social media sites, and drink in images that reinforce SUCCESS thinking.
  • Sign up to receive daily inspirational messages via email.
  • Find a Meetup group of like-minded writers who will be your support network.
  • Rejoice with EVERY success, even a single book sale.

It may take some effort, but you CAN shift your mindset from why you won’t succeed to why you will. If you have other ideas that you’ve implemented to help steer you toward success, please share them in the comments section below.

Here’s to your SUCCESS MINDSET!



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


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Your thoughts grow the garden of your success – do you want weeds or flowers?

In line at the grocery store yesterday, I overheard a conversation between the clerk and the woman in front of me.  She seemed to be having trouble with the credit card machine until the clerk reassured her it was working properly  albeit a little slowly. “Oh, that’s good. I thought I broke it. That’s usually my job – breaking things.”

YIKES!! My self-sabotage language meter spiked into the red zone! Doesn’t she realize what she’s saying? I almost wondered aloud. If that’s true, it’s no doubt a self-fulfilling prophesy. She tells herself she always breaks things, and lo and behold, she always breaks things.

We’ve talked about how our thoughts and self-talk affect our results before, but I felt compelled to write on it today, because there’s more to this story. As I was getting in my car after purchasing my own groceries, I noticed the same lady pulling out in something of a beat-up sedan. There, on the back of her car was this bumper sticker:

Whatever I might have surmised previously, the language I heard this woman use in the checkout lane wasn’t an anomaly. She probably spends her life wondering why nothing goes her way, and yet she wears the reason right there on her rear bumper: she creates that for herself!

What does this have to do with your success as an author, publisher, speaker, and expert in your field? EVERYTHING! If you’re not seeing the success you want and feel you deserve, a good place to start your examination of why is in your self-talk. What are you telling yourself, day in and day out? Are you constantly reenforcing the message that you’re a great author and people will love reading your books – or are you sending yourself little digs like, “Who’s going to want to read this anyway? There are a hundred other books on this subject all better than mine”?

The thing is, we all do it. Even those of us most practiced at positive self-talk occasionally fall into the trap of self-doubt and self-sabotaging messaging to ourselves. The thing to do about it is recognize it, and then make every effort to reprogram your neural pathways to create positive messages instead. One of the best ways you can do that is by working with a coach, mentor, or other unbiased individual who will help you notice your patterns and adjust them.  Once you start making these adjustments for yourself, however, be ready to begin noticing all the other people out there who are still trapped in self-discouraging language.

Coaching can be viewed one of two ways: as an expense or as an investment. I know for a fact that the $3,000+ I spent on coaching this last calendar year has moved me forward substantially, in terms of my own expectations for myself, as well as in my results.

You certainly don’t have to hire a coach to see positive results, but doing so will help you cut your learning curve to a fraction of what it might be on your own. And if you look at almost every successful person you admire, chances are they have a coach who supports and encourages them to keep on making progress.

I read a quote yesterday that really struck me, a new take on an old aphorism: Don’t believe everything you hear think.

If your thoughts haven’t been so empowering lately, I encourage you to shake them up a bit so you start to see different results!



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


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Written and audio AFFIRMATIONS can help make your book dreams a reality!

I was listening to my MP3 player the other day, when all of a sudden a voice began speaking. I have several

Samples of my handwritten affirmation cards.

audio books on this device, but this was not an audio book. It was my voice, speaking affirmations I’d recorded a number of years ago. Due to the number of songs/recordings and the way they cycle through the MP3 player, it’s been quite a while since I’ve heard this recording. The most interesting thing about listening to the recording now was how many of the affirmations on it have already come to pass.

I won’t be so audacious as to tell you what you should do to manifest the goals in your life, but I will share with you the steps that have worked for me around these affirmations.

It all began when I read the book, Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex, and Romance, by Sandra Anne Taylor. Although I was already very familiar with the concepts of the Law of Attraction (what you think about, you bring about), this book was quite useful in reinforcing those concepts. One thing it suggested was writing down your affirmations on a set of index cards, and repeating them throughout the day. So I did that.

But because I know how images can help strengthen the power of the written word, it occurred to me that writing them down might be made even more powerful by attaching images to them. So I took a lot of time to collect images from my hard drive and the Internet, printed them out, cut them out, and added them – along with colorful backgrounds – to the index cards. I stored all of the cards in a nifty plastic box which I covered with stickers that also carried the same types of positive messages. Now, when I repeated the affirmations, my mind was also imprinting positive images that represented these thoughts. I repeated this process for a number of months.

The next thing I did was put the box on the shelf, where it sat for nearly 5 YEARS.

This little box sat on a shelf for nearly 5 YEARS!

I woke up one day when things weren’t going so well in my life. I wasn’t motivated about work, the bills were piling up, I was in the relationship doldrums – in short, I was in a rut. A little angel spoke to me and encouraged me to pull that box of affirmations off the shelf and begin using them again. So I did that.

By now, though, I was beginning to appreciate the importance of audio as a tool in the affirmation process. But not just any audio. I was starting to learn how powerful my OWN voice was. So, I took my little box of index cards and recorded them. I listened to that recording day in and day out for about 3 months, and in that three months’ time, everything in my life did a shift. It was like magic. Eventually, I transferred the recording to my MP3 player, which was where it sat when I came across it the other day.

At the time I recorded these affirmations, I was still single, and several of the intentions had to do with meeting my soul mate. Well, yesterday my husband and I celebrated our 6-month anniversary! Am I saying it wouldn’t have happened without the affirmations? Of course not. But I will tell you that the affirmations helped me shift my mental space to one where I could allow the things I wanted to come into my life. By focusing all of my attention on what I wanted, I was able to stop focusing on what I didn’t want – because the Law of Attraction (what you think about you bring about) works no matter what you believe, and no matter what you think about. So if you constantly think about what you don’t want, you will find yourself creating more of that.

Of course, you must also pay attention to the last part of the word ATTRACTION. You’re definitely not going to manifest your dreams or goals by sitting in a room and waiting for them to come to you. John and I met through the Craigslist personals – but I was out there meeting people for nearly 5 years before we met each other.

If you want a book, stop thinking about it and start writing it. And while you’re writing it, begin to develop your marketing plan so that when the book is done, you are ready to take the next step to get it out into the world.

OK, so here’s a recap of my Affirmation Steps:

  1. I wrote them down on index cards. I’d advise writing (or printing) them by hand instead of using a word processor, because in the process of putting the words on the paper, you are further imprinting them on your mind.
  2. I wrote them in the positive and present tense. “I am fearless,” as opposed to “I will be fearless.” Sandra Anne Taylor makes the recommendation that if you are not yet to a place where you can believe the affirmation in the positive, hedge it a bit and write, “I am ready to be fearless.”
  3. I added images that represented each affirmation, along with colored paper to make them vibrant so I would enjoy reading them every day.
  4. I covered the cards with contact paper so that they would withstand lots of use.
  5. I found a perfect sized plastic box, which I also adorned with positive messages, in which to keep them. I placed that box next to my bed, so the affirmations were the last things I said to myself every night before going to sleep.
  6. I recorded the affirmations on my digital recorder.
  7. I transferred the recording to my MP3 player.
  8. Whenever I went to the track to work out or rode my bike for exercise, I played the recording of my affirmations. Your brain is in a hyper-alert state while you’re exercising, so make sure the language you’re using with yourself is positive and reinforcing.

If these ideas are helpful for you, try them out! If this gives you another idea for a way to use affirmations, try that out. Whatever you do, you must be in a frame of mind to know you will succeed! If you have affirmation success stories of your own, please share them in the comment section below!



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


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