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Some important thoughts about supporting your fellow authors by buying direct from them (instead of a third-party seller like Amazon, B&N, or other site).

Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion

The Power of the Group: Support Your Fellow Authors by Buying Direct from Them

by Laura Orsini

Most authors in the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup are familiar with my tolerate/hate relationship with Amazon. To put it succinctly, I am not a big fan. Yes, it still wields an unbelievable amount of influence in the publishing industry, as achieving some version of Amazon bestseller status is actually within reach of any marketing-savvy author, regardless of whether they self-publish or are represented by a house. But there are many negatives, too – most of which I will not go into in this post.

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One huge drawback is that self-publishing authors usually sacrifice a huge portion of their prospective incomes when they sell their books via Amazon. Is it worth it for the exposure selling on Amazon offers? Many think so – and there are many successful Amazon authors. But…

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