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So I am quasi-breaking my own rule here: Reposting someone else’s content is NOT blogging. However, in this case, the someone else’s material I am borrowing is my own. It’s the post I wrote Saturday for the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion blog, which I maintain for the Meetup group of the same name.

Why am I “cheating”? Because it’s a comprehensive post about the tools you may want to consider packing the next time you get ready to participate in a book festival or other similar selling opportunity as a vendor. The post after this one will be my review of the four recent book festivals I attended.

Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion

The Power of the Group: Your Book Festival Vendor Kit

by Laura Orsini

Two other members of the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup are in Kingman, Arizona, with me this weekend for the KABAM Festival (Kingman Area Books Are Magic). Beth Kozan is the author of ADOPTION: More than by Chance, and David Medansky has authored a number of books about craps, including Greatest Craps Guru in the World.

To make the most of our experience this weekend, I planned ahead. Here are the tools I’ve packed in my Book Festival Vendor Kit.

Vendor Kit5Our banner, which will draw attention to our booth and identify our group.


Vendor Kit7

The fabric backdrop for our booth, featuring the covers from David’s, Beth’s, and my books, among other members’ books. Email marciebrock@writemarketdesign.com if you want help to make your own fabric backdrop.


Vendor Kit3

Vendor Kit8

Wooden crates and holders to help

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