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Book Marketing Advent Calendar – Day 5 – Offer a Bonus for Buying Your Book


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People love free stuff. Ever seen lines for the samples at Costco on the weekend? People will actually stand in line for a bite of something they (a) don’t even know what it is, (b) don’t like whatever kind of food it is, (c) would never buy the item – but because, hey, it’s free, so let’s go get some!

Same thing at a trade show – and why it’s not a great idea to put candy on your table at a book signing. You want people to stop by your booth/table because they have an interest in talking to you about your book or business – not because they’re making a beeline for the candy dish only to grab a piece like a frog after a fly and then flee as quickly as possible, on to the next bowl of free sugar.

So since people love free stuff…

Give them something straight from your website as a bonus for buying your book.

You should already be doing this to build your mailing list – but here we’re talking about a special “thank you” gift for BookTree3purchasing your book. What could you offer? Hmmmm…

  • Favorite holiday recipes
  • A video story with a new spin on an old holiday tale … your character in the lead role
  • A coloring book related to your story or topic (these can be PDFs!)
  • A special report
  • Back stories on your characters
  • An epilogue that’s not in your book

Come on, people. You wrote these books, didn’t you? You can come up with something creative, fun, and exciting to give shoppers just that little extra nudge. I know you can.

Things get a bit more challenging if you’re selling through an online retailer or site other than your own, but it’s not by any means impossible. Just request that each buyer forward you a copy of their receipt. The best thing about this whole idea is that they’re no longer anonymous. It give you access to them and their email address … so you can begin a relationship with them. The meatier your giveaway, the more likely they’ll be to take this extra step with you.

We already dismantled the fear of giving stuff away in our Day 3 Advent Calendar post, so in case you missed it … here’s the link.

Videos R Us banner

As you may know, I am taking part in the Holiday Author Event for the next 6 days. PLEASE BE SURE to stop by the Holiday Author Event page TODAY to view some of our authors’ video book trailers. Comment, like, and share to be entered in today’s drawing!

Happy bonusing…



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