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Book lovin’ globetrotters, a stuffed Jack Russell terrier, and me

Day 24 of the 5-Week Author Blog Challenge asks the participating authors to describe their first book signings. All 35 posts for this Challenge will be focused on writing, publishing, and book marketing. I hope you’ll stick around through all 35 posts. And if you want to take part, come on in – the water is great! You can register here.


Day 24 writing prompt:

Describe your first book signing – real or imagined.

Well, the plan is for this signing to become real, even though at this moment on this timeline of my life, it is still theoretical, imaginary, yet-to-be.

So Stan travels around the world via many different forms of transportation. Of course, the most common are plane, train, and ship. But there are also bikes (both the motor and pedal kinds), rickshaws, jeepneys, hitchhiking, and, of course, hoofing it. So my goal is to plan book signings in major U.S. cities with each of Stan’s primary means of travel: airports, train stations, and public piers.

modes of travel

Will this require some effort? You bet. Will it be newsworthy? Probably. Worthwhile? Absolutely.

And, ultimately, I’d like to travel to a few of the calmer areas Stan visits to do signings in those countries, too. Just by sheer luck of the timing on this book – he sets out in April 2011 – Stan misses the most significant turmoil to eventually hit the places he goes. His visit precedes the Greek financial meltdown, the Arab Spring, and the violent unrest in Turkey. He sees protests forming, political unrest fomenting, and early rallies in the streets, but none it touches him to the degree that he feels personally endangered by it.

My first signing may be smallish. I’m thinking the Deer Valley Airport with dozens of my closest friends and local authors and artists. I encountered the amazing work of a local artist named Savannah Ashely this weekend – will definitely be reaching out to her regarding her globe art for the event.

Savannah Ashley globes


  • The menu will likely be determined by the venue’s catering options.
  • Favors will include old maps, globe keychains, and vintage airline wings, of course.
  • My own Jack Russell terrier is no longer with us – but I’m on the lookout for the perfect stuffed version.
  • A slide show with real images from people in the places Stan visits sounds about right.
  • Oh – and I’ll read something. A passage I’ve rehearsed … a lot.

Not yet sure of the date of this first signing – but it will definitely be in early 2016. Keep watching this space, as notice will be posted well in advance. If you’re a book lovin’ globetrotter in the Phoenix area (further afield in AZ if you don’t mind driving), I hope you’ll make plans to join me. Pull up a chair. Break bread. And share your favorite travel stories.

Please be sure to check in again tomorrow, when I’ll describe the ways I treat my writing as a business…

And for the record, I’d love your feedback on my Author Blog Challenge posts! And, of course, would really love to have you support all of the bloggers in the Challenge. Find their links here.

Here’s to meeting all kinds of wonderful characters in your waking life!



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