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Self publishing “Stan” for all the right reasons

Day 20 of the 5-Week Author Blog Challenge asks participants to discuss their publishing choices. All 35 posts for this Challenge will be focused on writing, publishing, and book marketing. I hope you’ll stick around through all 35 posts. And if you want to take part, come on in – the water is great! You can register here.


Day 20 writing prompt:

Did you publish your book as a traditionally printed book, an eBook, an audiobook, or all three? How did you come to your decision? Which company(ies) did you use for printing, formatting, recording, editing, and distribution? How did you select them?

I think at some point, almost every beginning author fantasizes about a publishing contract with a large house, a fat advance, giant PR budget, and extensive book tour. And while some authors certainly have that fantasy come true, most of us may have one or the other of those things happen, but it’s unlikely that a fairy godmother will turn all of our ragtag dreams into a Cinderella reality.

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Anymore, the biggest deal is not making a beautiful, professional book one can proudly display and sell and sign at author events. Even self-published authors with great skills, a solid supporting cast, and/or a decent budget can make one. The biggest deal is finding readers for said beautiful book. While there are many tools at an author’s disposal for marketing said beautiful book, they only work when:

(a) the author has a plan

(b) the author commits to the plan and executes it faithfully

(c) the author stays the course and is consistent about his/her marketing efforts

(d) the author monitors the plan so he/she knows what’s working and what isn’t

(e) the author tweaks the plan accordingly

My plan for Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World is to self-publish as a print book, an ebook, and eventually an audiobook. I’m in conversation with an editor right now – preparing to send her a draft so she can see my work and provide a sample edit. As a professional editor, I’ve mentioned that I’m pretty fussy about who touches my work. She’s an excellent writer, though, and a good person with a wonderful sense of humor – so I’m thinking she may be a perfect fit. Mind you, not every good writer is an excellent editor, but I think it almost always happens that a good editor is a pretty decent writer. We met through the Phoenix Publishing & Book Promotion Meetup, where a fair amount of professional services are exchanged.

The print and ebooks are easy. I work with a great local (Phoenix) printer who came highly recommended and has never disappointed. I will likely use several ebook distribution services, including Amazon, at least for the short term. As for the audiobook…

I know, I know, I know that it’s highly discouraged for authors to read their own books, but I really want to try it. I also know it’s super-duper absolutely ultimately highly discouraged not to use a professional studio, but I have access to a couple semi-professional studios, and also may attempt that. What I won’t attempt is the editing. I’ve never done much audio editing, but I’ve rewound and rewound and rewound while doing transcription, so I can only imagine the tedium that accompanies eliminating every um, er, cough, or sniffle, not to mention adding appropriate stops for commas, dashes, periods, and ends of paragraphs. Fortunately, we also have a Stan @ Mt Olympusfantastic audiobook production company in the Valley. So regardless of the level of support I need, I’m sure I can get it reliably.

Other plans include a coloring book – probably initially reserved for a crowdfunding campaign – as well as a cookbook with food and drink recipes from all the places Stan visits. These will almost surely become ancillary products. Depending on the success of my musical venture with my husband, we may put together a CD and/or digital album as another ancillary offering. There will be no sequel to Stan, but the goal is to get my next novel done in less than half the time it’s taken Stan to hit the streets.

Please be sure to check in again tomorrow, when I’ll be describing who I see as the market for Stan

And for the record, I’d love your feedback on my Author Blog Challenge posts! And, of course, would really love to have you support all of the bloggers in the Challenge. Find their links here.

Here’s to wonderful writing surprises!



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