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Take the 249 Hug Challenge!

So I was on Facebook last night and I saw this post:


I’d heard that quote before, but this time it triggered a new thought:

What if we really did it?!

I am blessed to have a kind, wonderful, generous husband who hugs me regularly — but even at that, weddingI’m not sure we get in even 8 hugs a day. And we definitely don’t hit the upward mark of a dozen a day. So I thought again, What if we really did it?!

Then I did some quick calculations. A 500-hug challenge would mean 16.129 hugs per day in a 31-day month. That might be too intimidating. A 250-hug challenge would mean 8.0645 hugs per day. That was just a weird number. Finally I settled on 7 hugs per day, or a 217-hug challenge, over the course of January. Then I thought about it a little further.

Four hugs a day for survival; eight hugs a day for maintenance. If I was going to issue a challenge, the least I should do is make sure we’re aiming for maintenance. Great! 248 hugs it is. But then I had one more thought. What if instead of 248 hugs, I made it 249? Then, it’s still 8 hugs per day for the 31 days of January … with ONE EXTRA HUG to nudge us over into growth territory.

A moment later, I was googling images of hugging to stitch into this banner:

249 hugs

Then I did a little research and discovered that family therapist Virginia Satir is the one who originally made that famous 4-8-12 statement. I also uncovered a few articles about the healing power of hugging:




Next, I created a Facebook event. For location, I stated: Anyplace you and another person are standing. And then I launched it. It all took about 25 minutes.

Yep, I vacillated about whether or not to include the grammatically correct hyphen (249-Hug Challenge) and decided to go with aesthetics and leave it out. I also fretted for a moment about whether my images were diverse enough. I decided I’ve got a great range of ages, both genders, three species … I’m OK. I could have worried about perfection, or just getting it done. I took a page out of my own advice book and followed the principle of “Done is better than perfect.”

As I write this, of the 2,500+ people I invited to the 249 Hug Challenge, I’ve had about 50 takers. But a couple people have shared the event already, and it was pretty late when I posed it, so I’m confident we’ll see that number swing up over 100 by the time the Ball drops in Times Square — or it’s midnight here on the West Coast.

What does this have to do with you and book marketing? Well, perhaps nothing. Of course, I hope you will take the challenge. You can sign up officially on the Facebook event page, or you can simply commit to giving/receiving (you can’t do one without the other) 249 hugs in January of 2015. You can also Tweet about it or share it on any of your other social networks. But I think if you do take the challenge, it will put you in a happier mood, lift your spirits, make you feel physically great — and all of those things will be reflected in your efforts in the coming month and year, including your book marketing.

hugging tweet

AND … this could be an example to you that sometimes the best ideas are the simple ones. The ones you can act on immediately. The ones that take little planning, but decisive action. Who am I to start a hug challenge? I’m the one who thought of it. What will you plan for 2015?

Let’s hug our way to success in the New Year!



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