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Last week to do your 2015 book marketing plan!

With 2015 right around the corner, how well-defined is your book marketing plan for book marketing goalsthe coming year? Is it in your head? Have you jotted a few ideas down on random sticky notes? Is your book still in process – so you haven’t given much (or any) thought to marketing yet? Or do you have at least the first six months broken down, by weeks or in a way that makes sense, is achievable, and has an accountability system built into it?

Several things I recommend:

  • Get the plan out of your head onto paper, into a project management system, and/or onto your calendar.
  • Use the system that makes the most sense to you. If you’re a linear thinker, put it in calendar format. If you’re more visual, put images on the wall of your office or writing space. If mindmaps work for you, use one of those. Just be sure to include dates! Goals without dates are just wishes.
  • Put your planning session(s) on your calendar now. Get to it before January 1st. And prioritize and honor that time so that you keep your appointment with yourself. No moving a client project into that time slot, deciding you MUST do some end-of-year shopping, or heading out to the movies because your book planning can wait!
  • Start now. Even if your book is still in the planning stages, it’s never too early to begin your marketing. You’d much rather have people waiting eagerly for a book that takes a while than find yourself with a beautifully written, professionally designed book in your hands and no one to read it.
  • Once you make your plan, find an accountability partner – or team – who will help you stick with your plan. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion Meetup is that we go around the room at the end of every meeting and each person commits to the task her or she will accomplish before the next meeting. Then, at the start of the next meeting, we check in to see how people did with completing their goals. You can create the same dynamic with one other person – or a group of people – with similar goals.
  • Celebrate your successes – and keep up the good work!

Here’s to a radically successful 2015!



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