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The BEST book marketing tool? A REALLY good book

I conducted a basic book design workshop a few days ago. The attendees were diverse, but each one a novice to the design/layout/typesetting aspect of getting a book into print. Several have been attending the Meetup group I facilitate: Phoenix Publishing and Book Promotion. In spite of having attended the group for a while and the fact that we have been exclusively focused on the marketing for a good 3 months now, one of the gals asked: “How do I market my book? Where do I begin?”

Make a really good book!

Make a really good book!

That’s the million-dollar question, isn’t it? How do I find readers for my book, now that it’s written and I’m getting ready to print a few copies? I have said again and again – in this blog and at our Meetups – that you’re shooting yourself in the foot if you wait until your book is done to begin marketing it. However, that’s certainly the situation in which some authors find themselves.

So their goal, more often than not, is to build a platform from scratch. How do you do it? There’s no cut-and-dried answer. If you look at this list, there are dozens of ways to sell and market your book. Where should you begin? Should you attempt to do all of them? Let’s take the second answer first: OF COURSE NOT! As for beginning, you should begin wherever it makes sense for you to begin. First, who are your prospective readers, specifically? Then, what can you do to begin connecting with and developing relationships with those readers?

If you already have a Facebook following in the thousands, that might be the place to start. If you’re already dabbling at  blogging, maybe begin to tailor your posts to be about your book – or start a new blog. If you’ve got access to the media or are good at writing media releases, perhaps that’s a good place for you to begin. It’s going to be different for each author. Perhaps you want to start with reviews or a blog tour. Read the archives of this blog – we’ve covered hundreds of ways to begin building your platform.

However, before you begin looking
to external means to market your book,
make the best book you can possibly make.

This means you’re not taking shortcuts.

  • You’re writing a complete book with a fantastic story or compelling content.
  • It’s ordered in a way that makes sense and has an appealing design.
  • You’ve had it professionally edited and had a professional design the cover for you.
  • You’ve SpellChecked and double-checked every URL and phone number.
  • You have appropriate headers, footers, page numbers, and a Table of Contents.
  • You paid as much attention to the back cover and the spine as you did to the front cover.
  • You have a legitimate ISBN which you bought and belongs to you (not one from someone selling off ISBNs from their own set of 10).
  • You have created a publishing company, and your book bears your publisher’s mark on the spine.

This is a book that will run rings around the vast majority of the rest of the self-published books out there. And once you know you’ve got a good book on your hands, it becomes that much easier to share it with people, create buzz around it, and channel your marketing efforts into a sizable platform of fans who are willing to help you market because they are so excited about your book.

Here’s to a your great marketing success!



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