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Side-by-side comparison of self-publishing infographics

Just came across the infographic below on the left and was struck by two things: (1) the subtitle and (2) the fact that marketing is plunked in as the very last item.

The subtitle reads: “this is how self-publishing a book [is] done right from scratch.” I could not disagree more. The advice in this infographic is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! The problem is the fact that marketing is plunked in as the very last step in the process. How can a company that describes itself as “having its humble beginning as an online marketing service provider” miss the boat so completely?

I created the infographic on the right a couple years ago to make the precise point that a successful book MARKETING campaign must begin as soon as you start writing. If you wait to begin marketing your book until you’ve got a thousand copies of it taking up the space where your car should be in your garage, you’ve set yourself up for a massively uphill battle.

Smart authors:

  • Clearly define and identify their audience before they begin writing
  • Begin building their platform, using social media, email marketing, news releases, blogging, etc., as soon as they know they are writing a book
  • Design and launch their website long before the book is in print
  • Know where their prospective readers congregate and how to reach them (e.g., social media, Meetups, civic and social organizations, etc.)
  • Develop a relationship with their prospective readers, so that they are eagerly anticipating the books’s release
  • Identify an inner circle of close allies who will help them promote the book’s release

No matter how good it might be, your book is not going to sell itself. If you want more people than your mom and your best friend to buy it and read it, you have to embrace the role of book marketer. If you’re in the early stages of writing or publishing your book, the time to begin marketing it is NOW! But it’s never too late to begin. Explore your marketing options, make a plan, and begin. Wherever you are – BEGIN.

how to self-pub

Here’s to a your marketing success!



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