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Targeted email marketing works better than generic blasts

Saw the infographic below on Pinterest the other day about the difference between generic email marketing and email marketing designed to generate leads.


Then I had the perfect opportunity to put this concept into practice. A couple years ago, I had a gal approach me about helping to market her book of lessons about love, leadership, and legacy based on the teachings of Harriet Tubman. She didn’t elect to work with me at the time, but we agreed to stay in touch. Well guess what I saw on Facebook yesterday? This post about the anniversary of Harriet Tubman’s passing. So I dropped Karol a little note with a screen shot from my Facebook page:

HT birthday

All the note said was, “Thinking of you today.”

Now, I can see how authors might think this couldn’t possibly apply to them. You’re trying to sell books to a wide audience, right? How’s a one-on-one message going to work for you? I’m here to challenge that thinking a little bit.

First of all, who are some of the individuals it might benefit you to get in front of?

  • Managers of potential book signing venues (coffeehouses, hospitals, care homes, indie book shops, etc.)
  • Your local librarians
  • Folks who run civic, business, and nonprofit organizations in your community
  • Meetup organizers
  • Event planners

And if you were approaching any of these people, which do you think they’d prefer to receive:

(a) a generic email pitching your book/services/speaking to any and all who happen to be on your list

(b) a personalized email, tailored to the individual about a specific aspect of your book, way you can meet one of their stated needs, or simply an introduction

I’m no wizard with a crystal ball, but my strong guess is that Option B would have much greater resonance and impact on  your prospect. And that’s what these folks are: prospects. My friend Connie Kadansky, a fantastic sales coach and trainer, recently reminded my women’s networking group about something very important:

You are not just an author; you are a lead-generation specialist who happens to have written a book about ___.

When you learn to think beyond individual book sales, your influence and success will grow exponentially. This is true even for fiction authors. So how will you apply a tailored marketing approach to your book marketing plan?

Here’s to a your great marketing success!



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