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January 24 Book Marketing Tip: Togather.com can boost your book tour

What author hasn’t been in Andrew Kessler’s shoes? Author of a book called Martian Summer (Pegasus Books) about the 90 days he spent in NASA’s mission control center for a Mars exploration project, Kessler heard it all when it came to the value of book tours. “Publishing people told me, ‘yes, events are the best way to sell books’ and then ‘don’t do events because they’ll be a disaster,’” said Kessler in a post by Jeremy Greenfield for DigitalBookWorld.com.

In an effort to generate interest in his book, Kessler helped his publisher manufacture roughly 1,000 articles about his book launch. While those articles didn’t lead directly to sales, Kessler said they did lead to speaking events, which led to sales. So Kessler derived that a book tour would be his ticket to sales.

Publishing insiders warned him, however, that his book tour would be a disaster. “And it was,” he says in Greenberg’s post. “I would get there and there would be three people in the audience.”


That’s when Kessler came up with the idea for Togather.com. It’s a platform designed to allow an author – or any interested party – to propose or create an author event, while giving authors and publicists the ability to guarantee the success of the event on their terms or cancel it altogether.

I haven’t used the platform – but it looks exciting!

From the Togather.com website:

We offer tools to make event marketing easy.
Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to create hundreds of events
and attract the right audience.

I guarantee I’ll be checking it out for the upcoming launch of Stan Finds Himself on the Other Side of the World.



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