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January 4 Book Marketing Tip: Your book marketing is stalled until you have a cover

As you might imagine, the first question almost every new author asks about marketing their forthcoming book is “What should I do first?” The answer is simple: Determine your title and get your book cover designed.

Why is the cover so important  especially in today’s ebook world? Because you use it EVERYWHERE!where to begin

We’ve written before on the 8 mistakes to avoid when designing your book cover. That post is probably worth a glance, whether you’re creating your own cover (not recommended unless you have some pretty mean graphic design skills) or  hiring a pro (prices can range considerably, but so can the quality!).

Places you might use your cover:

  • your author website
  • your blog
  • collateral materials like postcards, bookmarks, your author one sheet
  • your book trailer
  • on your personal Facebook page and your book/author fan page
  • your book’s Twitter account
  • your book’s Pinterest board
  • your media releases
  • email announcements to your list

This list is by no means comprehensive. Yet each one of these is a marketing step you’ll want to get moving on BEFORE YOU FINISH the book. If you wait until your book is done to design your cover, you’ll leave an unnecessary and gaping hole in your marketing strategy.

Happy cover designing!



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