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January 1 Book Marketing Tip: Plan your writing and marketing!

More important than resolutions to achieving success are intentions. But intentions without a roadmap, plan, or schedule are likely to remain in thought form, without ever manifesting in the real world where we live.

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but I’m going to repeat it again here:

Create a plan for your writing and book marketing!

Below are two pyramid charts for ways to set goals.

writing goal pyramid

* * *

book marketing goal pyramid

We’ve published these before — and the feedback about the marketing goal pyramid was that if any author committed to it, they’d never have time to write. I will not deny that the platform-building steps and marketing efforts required to achieve successful sales — however you define success — take time and energy. Yes, you may initially have less time to write. But IF you want to SELL your books, you’ll find time to market them. You’ll MAKE time to market them. You will commit to the process and you will make even a small effort every day. When you fall down, get discouraged, or hear “no” — you’ll pick yourself back up and keep making those efforts.

Start your new year well by creating a realistic writing and book marketing plan. And then stick with it. Come back and tell us how it’s going. If you need support, we’re here! Just let us know how we can help.

And if you’d like to see a sample of a fleshed-out (4 pages) writing/marketing calendar and plan, just drop an email with SAMPLE MARKETING PLAN in the subject line.

Happy planning!



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