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December 1 Book Marketing Tip: Answer the 5 W’s and H

It’s been a while, but I have said many times in the past that even when things seem obvious, they often bear explanation and/or repeating. So if this is obvious to you, please keep reading or just shake your head in agreement and move on.

I recently attended a poetry conference where I was a panelist in a seminar about getting the word out about one’s poetry. The subject of news releases came up, and I reminded the audience that the most important thing about a media release is answering the 5 W’s and H. You could have knocked me over with a marshmallow when one of the women in the front row asked me, “What are the 5 Ws?”

Wow! No – that’s not one of the 5 W’s.

After I recovered from my surprise, we went back to basic composition writing as I explained what I probably learned in 6th grade: Be sure your essay answers the questions, Who? What? Why? Where? When? How?

The same is true for your marketing. Know WHO your market is. Know WHAT you want them to do and WHY you want them to do it. Know WHERE you want them to do it and WHEN. And know HOW you want them to do it. Then tell them all of that as the CALL TO ACTION in your marketing materials, whether a blog post, postcard, book trailer, or order form.

Simple? Sure. But you’d be amazed how many book marketers forget at least one of these essential elements. Come around again tomorrow for the December 2 tip!

Happy holidays!



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