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December 4 Book Marketing Tip: Get noticed with a spot-on promo piece!

Saw a great story the other day about the author of a book called Praying Drunk who is using personalized shot glasses as praying drunkpromos pieces for his novel. What a perfectly tailored concept piece to use for a book promotion! Granted, almost any promo item you decide on is going to cost you some green (on the site I checked, shot glasses range from 97 cents/unit to $4.50/unit with a minimum of 36). So if you’re going to spend the money,  be sure to do something that will set you apart.


Your crime thriller might be served by mini-handcuffs.

Use a beach ball or flip-flops to promote your summer/beach romance.

Promote your dog training book with a mini-fire hydrant or personalized dog biscuits.

Give away Sharpie pens to promote your book about famous autographs.

Pass out real, ceramic, or stress reliever fortune cookies to promote your Chinese cookbook.

The ideas are endless. The important thing is that the item be memorable, something the user will show to others and talk about. It can also be helpful if the promo item is something practical that the user will  keep around. Need a resource for your promo products? My friend Helen Goldman is a goldmine! Put on your thinking cap – then come share photos of your promo product with us via a guest post!

Happy promoting!



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