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Why I want to be a TroubleMaker


Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth'd, pelvis-pushing juke music ...

Live-wired, straight-shootin, dirty-mouth’d, pelvis-pushing juke music …

Here’s a portion of the bio of a band called Vintage Trouble, taken from their website Bio page, written by Nick Faigen:

Vintage Trouble formed in 2010 out of the ashes of a few other bands, and not by chance, Ty Taylor (vocal) and Nalle Colt (guitar) teamed up with drummer Richard Danielson and bassist Rick Barrio Dill. They entered The Bomb Shelter Studio, recorded an album’s worth of material in three days, which was intended to be demos and ended up being pressed into CDs. The Bomb Shelter Sessions became Vintage Trouble’s first album. Selling it at their gigs was easy and not surprisingly so were the calls to feature their music in several commercial media.

But they were just getting started. Unified in their decision to stay in Los Angeles to build the band’s musical foundation, the group quickly collected a lot of fans, who became known as “TroubleMakers.” Such underground buzz led legendary manager Doc McGhee to take notice and sign Vintage Trouble after hearing only a single chorus. Doc’s first order of business was to break the band in England, right away. Their first venture overseas resulted in a similar groundswell, with Music Weekly naming them 2011 Breakout Artist of the Year and HMV hailing them as their “Next Big Thing.”

Their accomplishments go on from there:

  • The band appeared on Later… with Jools Holland. This performance was one of the most talked about of the year, blowing up Twitter as the 6th most tweeted topic worldwide just hours after the show. The very next day, their self-released debut, The Bomb Shelter Sessions, entered the charts, becoming the No. 1 “R&B Album” and No. 2 “Rock Album” on Amazon UK—No. 6 on Amazon overall and No. 13 on iTunes, charting in the “UK Top 40” by the time it was officially released in July.
  • Vintage Trouble went on to play 80 shows in 100 days before an estimated 400,000 people throughout the UK and Germany.
  • The next three months brought them the opportunity to open for Bon Jovi in stadiums and arenas on the UK, Ireland, and German legs of the tour, playing to over 200,000 people in just under two weeks.
  • Guitarist Magazine ran a feature about Nalle, and The Bomb Shelter Sessions was named one of the “Top 25 Guitar Albums of the Year” by Total Guitar Magazine.

And last night, they continued their current tour, opening for The Who! at Jobing.com arena in Glendale, Arizona.

So why did this band catch fire as it has? Perhaps it was a case of being in the right place at the right time. But I think it’s more than that. It’s authentic talent. It was the decision not to wait for the results of a demo, but to release their first CD independently because they knew what they had was gold. It’s their retro look and sound. It’s the awesome photography and stage presence they have for a band so newly formed. It’s the catchy name for the fans – who wouldn’t want to be a TroubleMaker? After their set last night and at the end of The Who’s show, the band held meet-and-greets with the fans, willing to mix and mingle with anyone who wanted a chance to chat and/or shake their hands.

What does this have to do with you and marketing your book? Nothing and everything. You could say, “Yeah, but it’s different with music” or you can take inspiration from these four amazing guys. Visit their website and listen to the free track. Study the images and read their whole bio. What are they doing that you could mimic? How can YOU create a tribe of TroubleMakers that will help you sell more books and put you on the map?

Inspiration surrounds us daily. Are you noticing?



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