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56 ways to use video to promote your book and/or business

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We haven’t paid much attention to video yet – but trust me, we will! Of course we reviewed some of our favorite book trailers, which is one very important way for an author to use video. However, there are many others.

The list below, much of which is borrowed from Media Pro Productions, includes a wide variety of video uses. Some of these may or may not directly apply to you as an author. If your book is an extension of your business, many will apply. However, if you’re the author of a novel, memoir, or other less business-oriented title, you may have to stretch to find applications. The goal isn’t for you to take this list and go out and make each and every video on here. It’s to get you thinking about new ways to use video that may never have occurred to you before.

If you’ve been using video for a while, please share the link for your YouTube channel (or other website feed) below in the comments section. And if you’ve got great ideas that aren’t on this list, please share those, too!

Customer-Oriented Videos 

1.   Video testimonials
2.   Video success stories
3.   Video case studies
4.   Man-in-the-street interviews
5.   Prospecting presentations
6.   Follow-up after meeting a new prospect
7.   Thank you for the opportunity
8.   Putting a name with a face after a phone call


Product and Service Promotions

6.   Product presentations
7.   Service demonstrations
8.   Product reviews
9.   Mini documentaries
10. Subject matter expert commentary
11. Product comparisons


Corporate Videos

12. Company overview
13. Executive presentations
14. Staff presentations
15. Virtual facilities or equipment tour
16. Board of Directors updates
17. Ongoing corporate communications


Training and Support Videos

18. Training videos
19. Instructional videos
20. Sales support “expert” videos
21. “Brown-bag” learning
22. Post-sales support videos
23. Maintenance videos


Internal Communications Videos

24. Internal communications
25. Event/conference/trade show communication
26. Employee orientation and “get on board” training
27. Health, safety, and legal issues

Advertising, Marketing, and Promotions 

28. Commercials/infomercials
29. Humorous video
30. eMail video
31. Content marketing
32. Landing pages and micro sites


PR Support and Community Relations

33. Video media releases
34. PR support materials
35. Community relations video

36. Public service announcements

37. Cause-related promotions


Event Video

38. Event presentation video
39. Roundtable sessions
40. Expert Q&A sessions
41. Highlights or “red carpet” video


Author Uses

42. Author bios for signings/events
43. Video blogs
44. Book trailers and promotions

45. Contest and giveaway promotions

46. Partnering with other authors

47. Speaking promotions

48. Tie-ins for holidays or special events


Other Uses

49. Recruitment videos
50. In-store videos
51. Company lobby/waiting room videos
52. Mobile videos
53. Market research/focus groups/polls
54. Website FAQ videos
55. Video white papers
56. Video magazines



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.

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