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A skincare company’s Times Square lesson for book marketers

If pressed, I guess I’d have to admit my husband and I are more homebodies than going-out-bodies. We thought about going to Niveafind some live music on New Year’s Eve but decided we’d enjoy our own company (and that of our dogs and cat) more than screaming to be heard at a club or toasting with happy drunks at a bar. So we joined many around the world doing what I never did in person all the time I lived in the NYC area: we watched the Times Square ball drop.

If you watched the same scene (this year or last year),  you likely noticed a sea of blue, in the form of balloons and felt hats provided to New Year’s Eve revelers by the skincare company Nivea. With this kind of creative marketing (OK, so they biffed on the Rihanna idea, but even that was definitely a clever plan — and you can’t succeed if you’re not willing to take some risks), it’s no doubt why this company has a significant global presence and market share.

They even have a great YouTube video explaining the process involved in prepping and disseminating the New Year’s goodies.

squeeze balls from PrimoPromos.biz

What’s the takeaway for you, a self-published author? OK — so you don’t have a multimillion dollar marketing budget to get yourself in front of an audience of billions. But how can you replicate this idea on a smaller scale? What kind of giveaway might you distribute to a sizable crowd at an event with media coverage? What would get the Tweeters in your audience buzzing? Whether it’s giving T-shirts with your book cover and LINK to a group of volunteer trash collectors  along a busy roadway (an investment of less than $100) or putting your book cover and LINK on a faux baseball that you hand out after an MLB game in your city (an investment of less than $500), you can garner more visibility than you may think.

It’s the start of a brand new year, the perfect time to put on your SBM* hat and get busy coming up with some creative ways to market YOUR book. Watch this space … I feel a contest coming!

Happy marketing …


*Savvy Book Marketer

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