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Book Marketing Goals Pyramid – Breaking the process down into bite-sized bits

So after yesterday’s Writing Goals Pyramid, you pretty much had to know we’d be applying the same principal to book marketing, right? And voila book marketing goal pyramid… here it is. The fact is that book marketing is an ongoing process. It should properly begin as soon as you decide to write your book, and continue until you decide you don’t want to do it anymore (or forever – whichever comes first). I know a gal who wrote a book almost 10 years ago, and she’s still booking seminars and classes all over the country based on that one book. How is that possible? Because she never stopped marketing it.

The first step is setting an overall goal. Yours could be a number of books sold, or it could be hitting #1 on Amazon. Whatever it is is probably achievable if you’re willing to do the work to get there.

Next we move to monthly goals. Again, adjust this pyramid for your schedule and your needs. This chart gives you an overview of many of the steps you can (and should) use to market your book, but there are certainly other approaches that are not listed here.

My favorite step on the Weekly section is “Offer a giveaway.” With eBooks, that’s easier than it’s ever been before, but if you’re printing hard copies, be generous in giving those away, too. It will come back to you – I promise! You might want to investigate a service like Rafflecopter.com to help you manager your giveaway processes.

Lastly, we have daily goals. You’ll notice these are less about the marketing, per se, and more about creating a success mindset. That’s because ALL of your success stems from your belief that it is possible. So on a daily basis, take steps to foster the most positive environment in which to grow your success thought garden.

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Here’s to a brilliant and successful 2013!



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