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Writing Goals Pyramid – A great way to chunk down your writing goals into manageable bits

There’s no time like New Year’s Day to make goals for the year. Personally, I much prefer setting goals to making resolutions. Here’s a new idea forwriting goal pyramid planning the goals to write your book, the goal pyramid. Goal pyramids are about chunking big projects down into manageable pieces. Here’s how you can apply the concept to writing and publishing your book.

First you explore your overall goal.

Generally speaking, the next step is identifying monthly goals. However, in the case of writing a book, your outline and research will likely come before you start approaching your monthly goals. Next you’ll identify your monthly goals. Then you’ll break the monthly goals down into weekly goals, and the weekly goals into daily goals.

Keep in mind, this is not a hard and fast plan; yours could (and should) differ, depending on your timeline and process. The important thing is to set goals and make a plan to stick to it.

For more writing goals inspiration, check my Pinterest board: Writing Goals … Get Some!

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Here’s to a peaceful, prosperous 2013!




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