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Notes on a book launch: “Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom”

I am excited to tell you all about TODAY’s launch of my client’s new book, Excerpts from the Heart of a Mom. Jenn Laurent is the thoughtful mother of a lovely 5-year-old boy named Jaden. Her original goal was to create a series of essays she would later present to her son as a gift, but she quickly saw the value the writings might have for parents looking for a new way to connect with their children.

Jenn defines conscious parenting as parenting with awareness. It is about taking the necessary steps in your own life to allow yourself to be present with your children, and opening your heart and mind to truly understand the reasons you parent the way you do. It involves making choices instead of parenting out of habit – or simply not knowing any better. Her 25 conscious parenting concepts are designed to help parents foster their children’s innate and profound wisdom and keep the children connected to their authentic selves. Her goal is to inspire parents to open their minds and hearts and be willing to explore a different way to parent that can bring fulfillment, joy, and peace.

I believe this book about conscious parenting truly has the power to make a difference in many parents’ lives … as well as in the lives of their children.

Jenn came to me just a few short weeks ago, via a referral from my friend Gilat Ben-Dor, a coach who specializes in working with Multi-Passionate Professionals™. Jenn knew she needed help to market her book, and thus a book launch was born. This involved many players and moving pieces:

  • Nikki Pesusich, PR pro from Coterie Media
  • Cassidy Gard, versatile and multi-talented virtual assistant
  • Joe Stevens, webmaster extraordinaire from Ball Media
  • Yours truly, book launch coordinator
  • Jenn, the author and juggler of many balls

None of this would have come together without Jenn’s vision for success and the knowledge that she needed a strong team of professionals to help her through the pieces she couldn’t do herself. She deserves HUGE congratulations for her willingness to jump in and learn as much as she could on a very tight deadline. Nikki is just a superstar with the media aspect, and I’ve never met anyone who interprets my written instructions as well as Joe. While I haven’t had much personal interaction with Cassidy, I know she’s been a social media diva, bumping Jenn’s Facebook friends by nearly 1,000 in no more than a month.

We’ve put together some nice bonuses for people who buy the book today! Please be sure to check out Jenn’s website for more details about the book and to view the bonuses (including a sampler of questions from my own book, 1,001 Real-Life Questions for Women). You can buy right there via PayPal or purchase through Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Also – join us TODAY at noon PST for a Q&A with Jenn on her Facebook page: Facebook.com/LiveThroughTheHeart.

These are the kinds of success stories that keep me smiling and loving my work. Many congratulations, Jenn. You deserve it!



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