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Powerful women influencers on this budding social alchemist

For the next 26 days, we’ll be taking a little detour from the traditional marketing posts you’ve come to know and love on the Marcie Brock blog as I lead by example and follow my own writing prompts for the Author Blog Challenge. There’s still time to register. Join today and qualify for drawings for daily giveaways for every day that you post.


Day 3 writing prompt:

Who are the writers you most admire? Who are your writing mentors?

The writers I most admire are good fiction authors, hands down. Writers whose seemingly effortless prose paints word pictures that etch themselves indelibly in my mind. Of course, I’m reminded of the quote from Spanish writer Enrique Jardiel Poncela: “When something can be read without effort, great effort has gone into its writing.

Writers whose work I have loved include Steinbeck, particularly his classic, Grapes of Wrath. His attention to details amazes me still. I can still picture that turtle on its back all these years later after my FIRST reading of the book as a junior in high school. Contemporary word-picture painters include Sue Miller and Ken Follett. Their attention to the tiniest details (cutting your leg shaving and onlookers’ necks tiring from looking up as stone masons built a Renaissance cathedral, respectively) brought their work alive for me.

Another brilliant book is Sting’s autobiography, Broken Music. No surprise that a superstar songwriter should be a good storyteller, but there’s a magical lyricism to Sting’s words that I’ve seldom seen anywhere else. What I would give to be able to spin stories in such a fashion.

I can’t say that I necessarily have writing mentors at present. Two of my instructors from my days at the University of Arizona still inspire me. I’ve written before of Richard Shelton, writer, poet, and emeritus Regents Professor of English. The other is Nancy Mairs, author, columnist, feminist, and overall inspiration. I can only imagine meeting her today, instead of as a still-green, fairly unevolved young writer all those many years ago. But her words and our conversations continue to remind me that I have an important message to share.

In general, I admire powerful, successful women. Not Miranda Priestly, Devil Wears Prada powerful, but powerful because they know who they are, what they want, and they are using their large public platforms to do great work that is making a huge difference in the world. Madonna. Hillary Clinton. Oprah. Marianne Williamson. Anne Lamott. Lady Gaga. Lilly Ledbetter. Obvious? Perhaps. Authors? Some of them. But women of influence, all. That’s my goal in life: to be a powerful influence, a catalyst for change … a true social alchemist.

Who are YOUR mentors and influencers?



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