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Damn, that’s a lot of words!

Well, it was an amazing personal accomplishment, but I not only finished the 2012 WordCount Blogathon – I completed it back to back with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, for 58 straight days of blogging. And then we begin the Author Blog Challenge on June 2nd. Whew – take a breath.

And tomorrow, we rest.

In the interest of completion, here are the number breakdowns for my participation in the May 2012 WordCount Blogathon:

WORDS WRITTEN. OK, so they’re not NaNoWriMo
numbers, but it’s a pretty good figure for one month of blogging,
making for an average of 848 words per day.


PAGE VIEWS. That’s our best month yet,
beating out the aberration that occurred with the record
892 hits for our International Women’s Day post.


COMMENTS. Of course, that number includes
my responses, too. Some of our readers have great
ideas – so make sure to read the comments and add your own!


IMAGES. We use at least one image with every post –
obviously some, like this one, get many more than that.




LIKES. We love our fans!!


GUEST POSTS. By Yael Grauer about watching your
Ps and Qs when pitching and Judith Cassis about
her experience working with an efficiency consultant.


HAIKU. Yeppers. We wrote one. Here it is, in all its 17-syllable glory:

To sell books I work

Branding and marketing them

Won’t you buy one, please?


The only stat unaccounted for is links – how many we included in our posts, how many of those were clicked, and how  many incoming links we received. But we don’t have all nigh to get this wrapped up, so you’ll have to just go with our best guess: plenty of links.

Thanks for playing with us. Thanks to Michelle and all her staff/volunteers for facilitating the Blogathon! Best of luck to all the participants. If you’re up for another one soon, come check out the Author Blog Challenge. It starts Saturday!




We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


In honor of our 1-year anniversary (May 2, 2012), we’re hosting the Author Blog Challenge! It starts June 2 and is open to published authors, authors-in-progress, and would-be authors. Come check us out and register today!


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