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Why is targeted traffic to your author blog/site so important?

An interesting thing happened to the Marcie Brock blog on March 7 and 8 this year. As you may remember, March 8 was International Women’s Day, and we did a post about the global event on March 7.

Yes, we realize we’ve been going on about blogging for some time now, and we’re doing so for one reason: we know it works! How do we know? Well, we’re showing up on page 1 of search results for virtually all of the keywords we’re using with our posts.

This is not just good news for us – it’s good news for YOU, because you, my SBM* friends, can do it too! We just plodded away, one post at a time, using the same techniques we’re teaching you here. Say it with me now:

  • Quality content
  • Regular posting
  • Images with every post
  • Effective commenting

Well, it was no different for International Women’s Day. For the better part of Wednesday, March 7, our post was ranked #4 in results from searches for “International Women’s Day” and “International Women’s Day 2012.” On Thursday, March 8, we fell off the first page for “International Women’s Day” but held steady at #4 for “International Women’s Day 2012.”

NOTE: Click twice (slowly – NOT a double-click) to get a closeup of the graphics. Use the back arrow to return to the post.

Then, a strange thing happened. It seems that traffic to the International Women’s Day site itself – which had the #1, #2, and #3 results – overwhelmed the site to the point that people were unable to load the pages they were seeking. Our post contained just basic information about IWD, with links to a few events around the world and a link to the main IWD event calendar. But it must have been enough of what people wanted, because we captured the residual benefits from that #4 ranking with NEARLY 1,000 HITS over those two days! Our previous high had been 192 hits in a single day.

Now I won’t lie to you and tell you it wasn’t a pretty exciting time in the history of the Marcie Brock blog. But when reality set in, we realized a couple of important things:

  • We didn’t receive a SINGLE comment from any of those 600+ individual visitors.
  • We didn’t garner one new subscriber from them, either.

Was it pointless? No, of course not. It’s never pointless to get yourself in front of 600 new readers. The main takeaway, however, is that there’s a significant difference between general traffic and DIRECTED traffic. You want directed traffic – readers who come to your blog, if not directly or on purpose, at least because they want to read what you’re writing and are interested in reading more. Knowing that, we’ll take our average 63 hits a day (and growing) from people who find value in our blog any day.

One more small note – take a look at the x’s at the bottom of the above graph. Those indicate the days on which we posted. It’s not a coincidence that the dip you see in hits between Feb. 17 and Feb. 20 correlates to days we didn’t post.

So to summarize:

  1. The more traction your blog gets, the higher you’ll rank in the search engines.
  2. Remember to capitalize on big days, celebrations, and current events.
  3. Targeted traffic is MUCH preferred to general drive-by traffic that isn’t interested, long term.
  4. The more often you post, the more people will read you.

Now, go write some posts and generate some of your own traffic. Tell us about your blog and we’ll mention it and link to it here!


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