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Guest blogging is a great way to increase exposure to your author blog

So how’s the blogging going? If we haven’t convinced you of the value yet, don’t worry. We’ve got a few more pieces to the puzzle for you. Like a winning author website, one of the most important aspects of a successful author blog is TRAFFIC. Your goal is to get in front of as many new eyeballs as possible. Your blog’s stats pages and/or Google Analytics will give you some idea of how many people are reading your blog, but (a) they aren’t definitive and (b) there are other ways to let people know about your blog (and, subsequently, your book).

One excellent way to increase your traffic and spread the word about your blog is to guest blog, which simply means writing for another (preferably well-established) blog with the goal of increasing your quality backlinks, traffic, and exposure, as well as building relationships. Matthew Meyer wrote an excellent post for SiteProNews.com about the 5 main benefits of guest blogging. I’ll give you an overview of his points here, but please go read the whole thing, as it is excellent information.

BENEFIT #1. Guest blogging instantly puts your message in front of an audience it took the blog owner years to develop. You’ve heard of riding another’s coat tails? This is a legal, ethical way of doing that because you can’t guest blog unless the blog owner wants you to be there.

BENEFIT #2. Guest blogging traffic is better than traffic you buy. You can always use a pay-per-click campaign to increase your traffic, but guest blogging puts your posts in front of the people who really want to read them, so the readers are better qualified than they are if they just happen to click on a paid link to find your blog.

BENEFIT #3. Guest blogging can generate long-term, high-quality backlinks. As with links to your website that come from other high-profile sites that target a similar audience, the same is true of backlinks that come through a guest blog. Rather than buying them and crossing your fingers, the links to your blog from a guest post on a well-respected blog are going to generate more highly targeted traffic back to you.

BENEFIT #4. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to become famous in your niche and to increase your brand awareness. Find a blog that is related to your niche and use all your expert knowledge to stand out in the crowd.

BENEFIT #5. Guest blogging can help you build your e-mail list and social media followers. Again, this is about traffic. When new folks visit your blog and comment or, better yet, subscribe, you’ve captured their e-mail addresses. Ditto with the social media.

If you like the idea of guest blogging but don’t know where to begin, Quertime has published a list of 55 popular websites and blogs that accept guest posts. This should simply be a jumping off point, though. Do a search of your own for blog directories on your topic and you will undoubtedly locate other (perhaps more topical) blogs that accept guest posts.

In addition to the specifics about guest blogging, Kiesha Easley has written a great post for WeBlogBetter.com about three additional ways to snag more blog opportunities. This rather straight-forward advice is a great reminder:

(1)     Plan time to do research.

(2)     Be flexible enough to follow an important thread NOW – rather than thinking “I’ll get back to that later.”

(3)     Subscribe to the right blogs.

Like marketing, blogging’s not rocket science. If you are organized and put together a thoughtful plan, you can succeed with your blog and ultimately generate followers who will become readers and rabid fans.

Happy blogging!



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