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Tell your readers you care with VIRTUAL conversation hearts

We’ve all seen it. Though the after-Christmas sales are still languishing, we’re already onto the next holiday. Red cupids, pink bows, heart-shaped boxes of chocolate stacked to the ceiling. Always one of my favorite Valentine’s confections, conversation hearts don’t have much flavor, but they’re fun to play with – especially the larger ones with room for longer messages. I suppose they remind me of my favorite refrigerator game, Magnetic Poetry. Such must have been the thinking of the folks at Acme Labs when they put together this program that allows you to write your own virtual conversation hearts.

If you think Twitter’s concise, wait till you try to write a couple of these! Nevertheless, why not whip up a few to promote your book this Valentine’s Day? Make sure to right click and save the picture to your hard drive if you want to share it.

These hearts got me to thinking about other cool type/font/graphics programs I’ve come across over the years. If you’re looking for something to jazz up your book trailers, you might want to visit TypoGenerator.

Just enter your text in the box, select your preference for portrait or landscape, and let it do its thing. Be aware that it’s not a perfect system, though. Sometimes you get the same color text and background, which creates the appearance that the screen is blank. Just indicate your text style, text color, and background preferences and hit the gray “generate” bar again. And perhaps again, once or twice more.

Another fun site for creating title graphics, logos, and website buttons is CoolText. They’ve got lots of choices – some aesthetically better than others, in my humble opinion. This program could be useful for developing a number of different options for your website, which you should then TEST with your real-life site visitors.

One side note on your shopping cart buttons: experts suggest that using an “Add to Cart” button results in more sales than the formerly favorite “Buy Now” button.

Lastly, I came across MaleVole’s interesting alternative to the lorem ipsum filler text used by graphic designers for book covers and other printed materials.


Before you go diving in, however, it might make sense to learn why we use the lorem ipsum text at all. Read all about the history of this filler at LipSum.com.

Have fun with your graphics!



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