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How are you incorporating SOCIAL MEDIA into your book marketing strategy?

This image has perhaps been reposted several thousand times since at least as far back as February 2011, so I feel a bit late to the party in just having come across it now. It’s hard to know where it originated; the furthest back I could trace it was here. But it’s a GREAT illustration (albeit a more scatological example  than I might have used, had I been clever enough to dream it up) of the distinctions between the more popular social media outlets.

I recently came across a blog post by MaryPat Kavanagh in which she explains quite well that social media is not a marketing strategy unto itself as much as it is a tool you can (and SHOULD) apply to your marketing efforts. That said, how are you applying your involvement in the different social networks to your book marketing campaign?

  • Are you posting excerpts from your book? Some authors get antsy about this idea, fearing they might give too much away. Dump that thinking in a hurry! And go read Seth Godin’s blog, where he frequently notes how essential it is to give away free information before you can cultivate buyers who will turn into long-term fans.
  • Are you creating events and inviting your friends/followers/contacts to your book signings and readings? If you’re not inviting your social media peeps to these events, one might wonder what you’re doing on these sites at all.
  • Are you holding contests? Mike Michalowicz, author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, has held contests that included being the first respondent to tell him the last word on a given page in his book and having readers post pictures of themselves holding copies of his book in various locations.
  • Have you made a book trailer or video series related to your book?
  • Have you joined groups and begun interacting with others in industries that might have a use for your book?
  • Are you making connections to begin forging joint ventures, finding outlets for bulk sales, or soliciting speaking opportunities? Social media is a great avenue for thinking bigger than individual readers and really leveraging your contacts to grow your brand as an author.

Marketing your book is not rocket science. But it does require willingness to learn, an investment of time, and consistent effort. You can do it – you just have to get started.

Happy social networking!



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