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Pop-up book and accompanying app: a great combination!

Now, being in the marketing biz, I probably pay more attention to ads than most people – and yet I rarely click on a banner ad. However, I came across a banner ad for this little app today. It probably caught my attention simply because of the subject: who among us – at least those of us of a certain age – doesn’t remember Puff the Magic Dragon? The release of the Peter, Paul and Mary song was before my time, and yet I remember having that catchy little tune stuck in my head many times during my childhood.

So here’s a cute little Puff the Magic Dragon pop-up book with an accompanying app! Although I do think it’s cute and clever, my point here is not to sell you on buying this book and app, but to sell you on the idea of considering your own app. Marcie will explore the whole app phenomenon in more detail in a couple upcoming posts. Right now, I’d just like you to start dreaming, fantasizing, visualizing of an app that might work with your book.

In case Puff doesn’t do it for you, here are a couple other sites to check out:

APPS FOR THE KIDDOS: Great Book Apps Beyond Disney, Dora and Dr. Seuss

APPS FOR THE GROWN-UPS: The 10 coolest book apps for fall

Happy visualizing…



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