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January is BOOK BLITZ Month! Among others…

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may have noted that we occasionally acknowledge certain Day, Week, and Month celebrations dedicated to literary and self-improvement topics. What better reason to create a PR push for your book than tying it to a related Day, Week, or Month celebration? Better still, why not create your OWN Day, Week, or Month? Ever wonder who came up with National Pickle Day (Nov. 14)? I’m putting my money on someone involved with the pickle industry…  And I’m betting that Dairy Alternative Month (June) was most likely conceived by folks who have problems digesting dairy – or who have a lot of love for cows?

The most official proclamations of Day, Week, or Month commemorations are made by the President of the United States, but a good PR campaign can be official enough to make it real.

If you’ve created your own commemorative Day, Week, or Month, or know of one you’d like to see get its due recognition, you can submit your own entry for Chase’s Annual Events. The deadline for submitting ideas for the 2013 volume is April 15, 2012. However, before you submit your entry, do your research to make sure the event isn’t already on their lengthy list and be aware of their rules:

We accept submissions for existing special events (festivals, sporting events, country fairs, etc.) as well as special days, weeks and months. However, if you submit a special day, week or month, it needs to already exist. Chase’s lists existing events – not theoretical ones.

Speaking of commemorative months conceived as great PR maneuvers, here is a partial list of January’s observations:

Book Blitz Month

Get Organized Month

International Creativity Month

National Be on Purpose Month

National Clean Up Your Computer Month

If any of those is up your alley, you might want to get busy promoting your book/business, and the commemorative month with a little PR campaign of your own.

And speaking of Book Blitz Month, here’s a little info to inspire you to start the new year right by blitzing your book.

First, I came across a list of ideas on RealBook.com to help readers celebrate Book Blitz Month.

  1. Start a reading list.
  2. Make the library one of your favorite places this month.
  3. Read every day.
  4. Set a reading goal.
  5. Go through an entire series.
  6. Listen to audiobooks.
  7. Celebrate with your child.
  8. Meet an author.
  9. Go on a book treasure hunt.
  10. Make a book with your child.

Good ideas, all, but probably not what the PR executive who created Book Blitz Month intended. According to the Boston University website:

January is… National Book Blitz Month, which was created by a public relations executive to encourage authors to promote their own books. It focuses attention on improving the relationships between authors and the media in order to create a best-selling book. (The same webpage also mistakenly refers to January as National Book Month – which actually is celebrated in October.)

So as ExpertClick.com states, your goal for Book Blitz Month – and for the rest of the year – should be “to actively work on improving your relationships with the media. Find out what they want and give it to them. In return, you may gain the publicity you need to elevate your book to best seller status.”

Thanks to MangoMissives for making this info easy to find!

If you need a refresher, you may want to reread some of our previous posts on the topic of media:

Happy blitzing!



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