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October is National Book Month – how will you celebrate?

Woo-hoo! Book lovers, unite! The National Book Foundation has declared October as National Book Month. They’ve got some excellent information about getting your school or library involved, getting your family involved, suggested reading lists, and almost 60 years of National Book Award winners. There’s also a quiz where you can test your knowledge of modern American literature.

Here are 10 great ways to celebrate National Book Month:

1. READ that book you’ve been meaning to read. Whether it’s a novel, self-help book, or the latest Hollywood biography, get and read that book you’ve been meaning to read.

2. Start WRITING that book you’ve been meaning to write. We’ve all got at least one book idea in us. If you’ve been thinking about, planning to, meaning to write a book for a while now, why not finally get under way?!

3. Join a BOOK CLUB. Meetup.com is a fantastic resource for finding a book club near you. A recent scan revealed all kinds of themed book clubs:

  • Heard About It on NPR Book Club
  • Science Fiction Book Club
  • Let’s Talk About Romance Book Club
  • The New York Girl Books Club
  • Bestsellers Book Club
  • Paranormal and Supernatural Book Club

4. Start a BOOK CLUB. If there doesn’t seem to be a book club for your area of interest, start your own! Host it at a local library, bookstore, or coffeehouse.

5. Read with your SPOUSE or CHILDREN. What better way of generating family intimacy and connection than reading together?

6. READ OUT LOUD in a public place. OK – this one requires a bit of a quirky personality. But you probably remember the mall preachers on your university quad. The University of Arizona in Tucson has actually put up a “Preacher’s Corner” sign to designate a specific area for these folks to share their messages. Why shouldn’t your message be a passage from your favorite book?

7. Buy yourself a book at your favorite INDIE book shop. That’s right. Step away from the computer, lay off the Amazon addiction, and get thee to a real book store. Support your local indie shop while you’re at it.

8. Start a BOOK SWAP. If you buy a lot of books and your bookshelves are at the bursting point, consider starting a book swap with other bibliophiles. Check Meetup.com for already existing book swaps in your area.

9. Sign up for BOOKCROSSING.COM. If you’ve ever thought about posting a message in a bottle, this is the same idea, but of a literary bent. Take a book you’ve finished that you’re sure you don’t mind giving away. Go to BookCrossing.com and sign up. Then, get a code for your book. Write BookCrossing.com, the code, and a message about the book inside the front cover of your book. Leave the book in a public place. Check back in a week or so to see if anyone has found your book and decided to play along.

10. Turn your Halloween party into a BOOK PARTY. Have everyone dress as their favorite literary character.

It’s National Book Month, so read! Tell us what you’re reading in the Comments Section below. I’ll start!



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