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How will YOU celebrate “Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month”?

September has been designated as “Be Kind to Writers and Editors Month.” Now, I fully realize that writing is a tool virtually everyone uses at one time or another, but this month is set aside to honor those who’ve chosen writing and editing as their careers. Is there a writer or editor in your life who could use a little thank you or acknowledgment?

Here are a few ways you can Be Kind to Editors and Writers this month:
  1. Send an ecard to thank, acknowledge, or congratulate them during their special month.
  2. Email your favorite writer or editor and wish them a great day.
  3. Make a special point to read and comment on a blog post or article they wrote.
  4. Offer to buy them a cuppa something at their favorite coffee house. Trust me they have a favorite!
  5. Mention your favorite writer or editor in your own blog.
  6. Have a favorite book, story, or article they’ve written? Share it on the Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, and/or G+.
  7. Follow, friend, or like your favorite writers and editors – and encourage others to do the same.
  8. Post a comment or tribute about your favorite writer or editor (with a link) in the comments section below.
  9. Tweet Happy Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month or write it on your FB wall.
  10. Share this post with your social media and/or mailing list!

Although almost everyone writes at some point, writing and editing are specialized skills. The best writers and editors have invested years of time and practice to hone their skills and develop their expertise. As glamorous as the idea of a multi-city book tour and a visit to the Letterman show can be, that’s not the experience of most professional writers (or editors). It can be lonely and thankless work.

Even if you are a writer or editor, make a colleague’s day reach out and send a love note. It may come back to you in unexpected ways!



We welcome and encourage your thoughtful, courteous comments below.


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