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A dynamic MEDIA KIT can help you land those coveted interviews

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If one of your PR goals is to get on local, regional, or national TV or radio to promote your book, a media kit is an essential tool. Spend the money and/or take the time to create a high-quality, professional media kit.

Remember how many other authors, performers, and speakers are vying for the same airtime and program directors’ attention. A well-conceived media kit will contain the materials that convey the importance and relevance of your book WITHOUT being unduly long or burdensome for the reader.

Elements that good media kits contain:

  • Table of contents
  • Personalized pitch letter (Send this only if you are mailing the media kit to a specific person.)
  • Author bio
  • Author head shot
  • Image(s) of the front and back covers
  • Q&A (Write out suggested questions for the interviewer with anticipated response times.)
  • Reviews and praise for the book (Do not include questionable or negative reviews.)
  • Media coverage you’ve already received (Include dates and article/show titles – links to the same, if possible.)
  • Media release about the book launch
  • Short excerpt of your book (It may be a good idea to include a sample of your writing but keep it SHORT.)

Here is Page 1 of a sample media kit that is succinct, yet works to land media opportunities:

So what should you DO with your media kit?

  • You can put together your own list from media websites – but this will take some time, and you won’t always get the most accurate info from a website.
  • You can buy a media list – but check the validity of the source first and be prepared to pay, possibly a lot of money.
  • You should add it to the Media Room on your website (more about this in an upcoming post).
  • You should have it ready to send out to anyone who asks for it.

Make sure to check back Monday when we’ll talk about what goes into a well-crafted media/news release. Remember, you don’t need to hire a PR firm to make an impact you just need to create professional documents and then have the willingness and determination to send them out!



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