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Resourceful authors do book signings at unusual – er, creative – venues

During a recent visit to Las Vegas to attend a conference that had nothing to do with book marketing, I happened upon one of the most creative book signing locations of all time. Carolyn Ahern, author of a children’s book series featuring Tino Turtle, was signing her book, Tino Turtle Travels to Paris, France at the Paris Hotel and Casino. The adorable plush turtles were the thing that originally caught my eye as my husband and I walked past Ahern’s display in one of the casino’s well-trafficked retail areas.

As Ahern was busy chatting with a customer and we were on a time budget, I did not get to ask where she is from. Thought I might glean the answer from her website, but this author’s site is devoid of ANY details resembling an author bio, so I can’t even hazard a guess as to how much money or effort she put into this adventure. Nevertheless, she got some great exposure. I’m here sharing her link with you, right?

Another author, Lennie Ross, is a Facebook friend who recently released a mystery titled Blow Me, which is set in a hair salon. Although she lives in the Los Angeles area, Lennie has scheduled a few signings in my hometown of Phoenix, at least one of which was at a HAIR SALON. She’s scheduling additional signings at southern California salons, as well, and is using Facebook to great advantage in promoting these events. Very nice!

Are you starting to see a theme? What makes your book special (aka, what’s your hook?) and where can you host book signings that are outside the normal bookstore venues?

My client, Amara Charles, is getting ready to release a new book this September on sacred sexuality that includes info ranging from learning how to read and understand your own and your partner’s sexual anatomy types to discovering how to have a full-body orgasm. Where do we want to hold our signings? You’ve got it – intimacy retailers like Fascinations and Castle Boutique! I’m even looking into out-0f-the-way places like the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas.

When it comes to Savvy Book Marketing, the sky is the limit. Get creative. Face the fear. Pick up the phone. And CALL! What’s the worst that could happen they say no? You’re no worse off hearing a no than you were before you tried. And … what if they say YES?!

Happy book signings!



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