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What’s the HOOK that will lure that reporter, agent, or publisher to READ your book?

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“So what’s your book about?”

“Well, when I was a little girl, I used to love to collect seashells. In fact, until recently, I still had boxes and boxes of them all over my house. Every time I go to the beach, which is usually at least a couple times a year, I try to find a few new shells for my collection. Eventually, there got to be so many shells, I figured I either had to do something with them, or get rid of them. So I started making …”


Don’t let this be you!

Whether it’s a media release or the intro page of your book proposal, your marketing materials need a hook. A hook is a highly compelling anecdote, fact, quote, idea, or statistic that will convince a reporter, producer, agent, and/or editor to keep reading … and phone you up for either an interview or a meeting.

The media is absolutely inundated with news releases – a single media outlet can receive thousands of media releases in a single day. Agents and publishers receive book proposals by the wheelbarrow. What does your first SENTENCE say to capture their attention and immediately cause them to think, “I’ve GOT to read this book?” Your hook is the info that QUICKLY convinces someone your book is a must-read.

NOTE: If you can’t find something jaw-droppingly compelling about your book,  it’s unlikely that anyone else will be able to find it either.

We’ll talk next time about about HOW to present a compelling description of your book – but in the meantime, I want you to dig around until you uncover the theme, aspect, storyline, statistic, or other compelling concept that will make any editor or producer sit up and take notice.



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